Titan Cockring:


Bigger, thicker, harder and stronger....

That's what your dick is when encased and supported by a Titan .2 solid stainless steel cock ring.

I'll admit, I'm totally biased. I love the Titan cock rings (I'm wearing one right now). But check out what this customer e-mailed us: “Well, my final verdict for the Titan ring is this: It’s a keeper! It definitely kept me at a slighter thicker flaccid then I normally am, and great rock hard erections when I need them.”

Who doesn't want (and enjoy) rock hard?! 

But this penis ring goes beyond rock hard when the blood is flowing and you are horned up. His Titan cock ring keeps him thicker even when he isn’t rock hard. (Don’t you love the feeling of walking around with a chubbed up dick? It is the best.)

Titan Cockring:  "Sexy to look at and intriguing to play with"


JM from New York wrote:  "Great ring, well made, ladies love it. 

"I have a .2 width 2" dia. Titan Bright Mirror Stainless ring. I've worn it for 3 years now basically 24/7, even sleeping in. 

"I have to say that It has been very well received by all the women in my life, my significant other, girlfriends, and dancers. Whoever has seen it has loved it, found it sexy to look at and intriguing to play with." 


Titan Cockring:  "Sexy to look at and intriguing to play with"

There's nothing like watching a hard prick pop up when the sweats are pulled down. It looks like someone needs attention. This is a tasty treat to behold. He's ready for some hot action. 

The Titan series is amazingly comfortable due to its rounded edges and it comes in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) as well as three bandwidths (.2 inches, .4 inches & .6 inches). (gear essentials also now has extended sizes in the Titan .4 size. Choose for the snug 1 1/2" or roomy 2 1/4".)

Ready to add to the party in (or in this case—OUT of) your pants? The Titan also comes in several glans rings styles—the .2, .4, .6 and .9 (as pictured above).

Are you ready to be sexy to look at and intriguing to play with? Just slip into one (or more) of the Titan penis rings by gear essentials and bring on a bigger, thicker, harder and stronger bolder sex life.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Titan C Ring:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan-2-cock-ring   


(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photo 2 by Simeon Den. To see more of Simeon's work go to http://www.palladinodenphotography.com/ . JM is not pictured.)



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