Titan Glans Ring & Master Cockring:


We were excited to see the pictures from the customer pictured below. His prick is hanging thick and low in his Master cockring and Titan .9 glans ring. This hot combo makes for one irresistible dick.

The Master is certainly a take-charge cockring. It's a big, bold and brawny hunk of steaming-hot metal that gives strength and force to your fuck. You may just find the best fuck of your life. And you'll both want more.

It seems that a lot of partners are buying this ring for the man in their life.

Jere from Valencia writes:  "Bought this for my partner and he loves it. He loves the look and the girth. He's favorite part is the weight. The tug on his package with every step"

Swindl from St. Paul, MN adds:  "I have my own, but, needed to get one for my bf. He very much enjoys it - and so do I :-)"

We like to see folks sharing the things they love! And this gift comes with special benefits!


Titan Glans Ring & Master Cockring:  "He loves the look and the girth"


He's also wearing the Titan .9 glans ring. The Titan .9 head ring is an amazingly hot look—solid stainless steel in a classically simple design: square-edged, broad-shouldered and stunning. You will get surprised double-takes as you walk through the showers at the gym or lay naked by the pool. Your dick will bob more (and the sensuous feeling of that solid metal rubbing all those nerve-endings below the cap of your dick is intensely delicious!), hang a bit lower (due to the .95 ounces / 65 grams of weight) and then there is that tantalizing glint of brushed or mirrored metal that attracts even more well-deserved attention.

You can better understand why when you check out the pictures in this blog. Just look at how long his flaccid cock is hanging. This is just one of the things a heavy head ring will do for you.

Randal from Auburn, CA wrote:  "I'm hooked now on Gear Essential's Glans Rings. I've stocked up on most lengths available now and love how the .9 tugs at my cock."

gear essentials' glans rings are designed to fit your dick—minimalist square-cut on the outside, but also on the inside with our exclusive corona fit to resist slippage. And solid stainless steel will not chip or peel like cheap chrome plate. This ring will stay strong—and keep your dick big and strong as well.

Glans rings have been described as ‘a mini hand-job in your pants.’ It’s true! Discover that big head and erotic touch as you feel your dick in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Need something smaller? Try the Titan head rings in the more reserved Titan .2, Titan .4, and Titan .6 sizes.

Titan Glans Ring & Master Cockring:  "He loves the look and the girth"

But back to that cock ring! I think a ring around the base of your dick is a foundational piece of men's jewelry if you want a better look, feel and sex. Sure a glans ring will pop the head of your prick, but add a cockring and it will get even bigger. The Master is a sturdy and studly penis ring that is crafted from rock solid stainless steel (in brushed or mirrored finish) and features a squarer design. Not to worry though--the edges are sloped so it works great in a leather harness or under your business suit for a long, hard day at the office. 

You can bring more power to your prick and master the sensations a cock ring and glans ring combination can give you. Get a Master C ring and Titan glans ring and you'll love the look and girth too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos provided by customer. Jere, Swindl and Randal are not pictured.)



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