Making a BIG Impression at the beach in his Titan .4 penis ring


Distracted, he strolls the beach on his cellphone.  Does he have any idea that all eyes are drawn to him?

Well, he certainly knows how to make an entrance.

Admittedly, his cock ring helps.  It enhances his size (and performance - if you are lucky enough to participate).  When you wear the Titan .4 cockring (in either the brushed or mirrored finish) you will get plenty of attention and make a big impression because it pulls your package together and thrusts it forward and up so it takes center stage.  And when it's time for action it keeps the blood in your prick so you stay thicker, harder and longer.  The result?   You can go the distance and leave your partner breathless.    

Danny from Dayton, Ohio writes:  "I recently purchased the Titan .4" in brushed metal.  I'd previously used the cheap nickel plated rings, or stretchy silicone ones.  The first thing I have to say is it looks amazing! Almost to the point where I want to show everyone.  I wear the ring almost daily, only taking it off to shower and when I sleep.  I feel so much bigger during the day, and my wife can definitely tell the difference under my jeans.  It's made my orgasms so much more intense and I feel so much thicker.  I'm definitely going to be buying more products from here! Thanks for making some quality gear!"

If you top, the Titan penis ring will keep your prick thicker and harder for the ride of your life.  Your cockring also increases your sensitivity so blowjobs become even more intense.

Making a BIG Impression at the beach in his Titan .4 penis ring

You are certainly going to make a big impression and be the center of attention - and you'll be comfortable while doing it.  The Titan is gear essentials' lowest profile penis ring.  While it may 'hide in the weeds' it has nicely rounded edges for optimum comfort and it more than does the job.  In addition, the solid stainless steel construction will last for years - even with frequent use!

The Titan .4 is available in glans, shaft and cockring (including the jumbo 2.25") sizes.  You can also get the smaller bandwidth (Titan .2) or wider (Titan .6).

Make a big impression at the beach in your Titan .4 cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


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(Photo submitted by customer.  Danny is not pictured.)





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