Top or Bottom, Feel the POWER in a Cockring!


When it's time to fuck you want all the power you can get behind each thrust. If you are giving it, you want to feel every sensation and glory in the strength of your cock. If you are on the receiving end, you want your top to fill you up and reach those hidden hot buttons.

Are you ready for the ride of your life?

The studs below are serious about getting and giving good sex. They are sporting two of gear essentials' heaviest rings:  the Master cockring and Imperial. Each is crafted of solid stainless steel in the US and are available in mirrored or brushed finish.



Top or Bottom, Feel the POWER in an Imperial or Master Cockring!


Now's the time to make sure you are ready for the best fuck you can get--put a cock ring on it!

Whether you are just hanging out and enjoying some quality self-pleasuring time or getting ready for a hot fuck, an Imperial or Master cock ring will keep your prick thicker, harder, more sensitive and ready to go the distance. You may not think you "need" a penis ring but you will quickly discover that it will take your sex life to the next level.

Hot fuckers have figured out that a penis ring gives them their biggest, best bone. But it does so much more:  it supports and strengthens your dick. Even when your dingle is hanging flaccid it keeps you thicker. Isn't it time that you show off your potential?


Top or Bottom, Feel the POWER in an Imperial or Master Cockring!


Imperial Cockring

This fucker has a nice big rod--and he knows how to use it. (Nothing boosts your confidence like a full chubbed package--and he's got a pretty cocky attitude.) Feeling your junque bob and move as you walk lets everyone know that you are a man who is large and in charge. Your rod is thicker and you can just feel the heat. Your sensuality impacts everyone who sees you. And they will see (and feel) you!

The Imperial penis ring was one of very first metal cock rings I owned. Its heft and comfort are unmatched. Because of its gently curved interior (to match the exterior) it is supremely comfortable. You will know you have this ring on! (And so will your partner!)

Frank from Arizona wrote:  "My wife loves the size of the imperial c ring. The first time I wore it during sex, she got on top and had an amazing orgasum."


Top or Bottom, Feel the POWER in an Imperial or Master Cockring!


Master Cockring

Our bottom is wearing the Master Cock RingKenn wrote, "I love the Master! It is very comfortable. the slightest bit of arousal has me at full attention and gorged to peak performance."

It looks like it's working for our bottom stud too!

The Master is a solid, sexy ring. Its name says it all: big, bold, assertive and definitely up to the challenge. This solid stainless steel penis ring features a squarer design (with rounded edges for optimum comfort). It is gear essentials' second heaviest ring (8.05 ounces; 228 grams). You will find that this is an indispensable tool in your erotic arsenal making your prick stand at full attention while helping you get engorged for peak performance!

Are you ready to feel the power?

gear essentials...Sex is Better here. ENJOY!




(Photos submitted by customer. Frank and Kenn are not pictured.)  





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