Torque Cockring:


Last weekend I was at a dinner party and met a man who takes extreme pleasure in tying people up and then edging them for hours. 

I'll admit that my palms get clammy at the thought of being tied up and left helpless. However, the edging sounds great! (And if you're going to edge, you need a cock ring to make it even better.)

According to a recent article in Psychology Today [Source:], dominants enjoy better mental health.

One study found that BDSM practitioners in some respects appeared to have better mental health than individuals in the general population, although when looked at in more detail, the findings showed that it was those who preferred the dominant role who enjoyed these particular benefits (Wismeijer & van Assen, 2013). 

Interestingly enough, surveys show that between 10 - 50% of respondents have participated in a BDSM scene (and many more "fantasize about it.")

The stud below isn't helpless; he's just a mentally healthy dom wearing his chains. And his prick is looking perky in his Torque cock ring.


Torque Cockring:  "Nice weight and comfortable to wear all day"


In addition to some heavy chains, this stud is clad in his heavy Torque cockring. This man-jewelry is an architecturally-inspired penis ring crafted from solid stainless steel in the USA. When you put it on it quickly warms up to your body temperature and then returns some of the heat back to you! The design is multi-faceted to it catches and reflects the light. Its wider bandwidth (.6 inches / 15.24 mm) provides sexy support and pushes your cock and balls up, centered and forward. You find yourself moving differently, more confident with a cocky swagger to your stride. Blood flows into your engorging penis and is restricted by your cock ring from leaving. This leaves you thicker, fuller and harder. People notice your heat. The Torque brings more power to your fucking with over four ounces / 120 grams of additional torque to make your bottom writhe with pleasure! 

Here's a closer look:


A Closer Look:  Torque Cockring


But don't just take our word for it. The beautiful marriage of form and function will quickly become a favorite. Michael J. wrote the following: “This has surpassed the Imperial as my favorite ring. I think it's the best-looking ring Gear makes, and that's saying something! I prefer it because it weighs a couple ounces less than the Imperial, making it less likely to slide off when things are warm and hanging low. It's comfortable and the 2 1/8" fits perfectly. The perfect design to complement a company named Gear Essentials. :)”

It looks like the Torque is very popular in Georgia! JLB wrote:  "Nice weight and comfortable to wear all day. Feels great when things get excited!"

Conrad (also from Georgia) adds:  "Absolutely amazing! GE is truly unmatched in quality, fit and finish! I have several GE rings and they are the best out there!"
You'll enjoy the nice weight, comfort and superior performance of your Torque cockring!
gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Torque Cock Ring:


(Photo 1 submitted by customer; photo 2 by Simeon Den. Michael J., JLB and Conrad are not pictured.)



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