Total Plunge:


Big, bold and luminous, the Total Plunge is part of gear essentials' ROBO Collection. Super lightweight solid aluminum gives you the support you want but with a feather-light weight. 

Each of the rings in this series also features our exclusive comfort fit interior--gently shaped to provide easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. You may just forget you even have it on!


Are you ready? Total Plunge:  "My favorite cockring"


Like all of gear essentials' cockrings, the Total Plunge will keep your cock and balls front and center--lifted up and cradled for all the world to see. Blood flows in but is restricted from leaving again so you stay chubbed (even if you aren't particularly excited.) The sensation is amazing; the look is hot.

Scorpicio from Ohio wrote:  "This quickly became my favorite cockring, after putting it on the style and shine looked like they were made for me! It kind of reminds me of a UFO because of the deep divets along the thick piece of metal but the FULL PLUNGE gets my vote as my go to gear."


Total Plunge from gear essentials:  "My favorite cockring"


Better sex is just one penis ring away! Take the plunge into the Total Plunge and discover how comfortable and effective a metal cockring can be!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Total Plunge Cock Ring:




(Photos by Richard Yates. To see more of his amazing photography, go to  Scorpicio is not pictured.)





Hello, Humberto:

Since I do not speak Spanish I had to go to Google for a translation. This is what it said (
Ya que no hablo español tuve que ir a Google para una traducción. Esto es lo que decía): I would like to know what is the purpose of these accessories if it is to increase the tamamho of the penis if it is how I do to buy.

A cock ring keeps the blood flow in your penis. As you get harder the blood is restricted from leaving so your penis gets bigger and harder than normal.

Un anillo de la polla mantiene el flujo de sangre en su pene. A medida que se vuelve más difícil la sangre está restringida de salir de modo que su pene se hace más grande y más difícil de lo normal.

It also lifts up your cock and balls forward, up and away from your body. It feels really good. We think it looks hot too!

También levanta su polla y pelotas hacia adelante, hacia arriba y lejos de su cuerpo. Se siente muy bien. ¡Pensamos que parece caliente también!

To order, just click on the photo in the blog above or on the product link. It will take you to the order page for the Total Plunge Cockring.

Para ordenar, simplemente haga clic en la foto en el blog de arriba o en el enlace del producto. Te llevará a la página de pedidos para el Full Plunge Cockring.

Thank you for your comment—and enjoy!

Gracias por su comentario – y disfrutar!




Gostaria de saber pra que serve esses ascessorios se é para aumentar o tamamho do penis se for como faço para adquirilos

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