Traveling with my Leather Cockring


I just got back from a quick trip. As I packed I thought about what cock and ball gear I would wear. My Imperial penis ring, ball stretcher and Titan .9 glans ring would definitely set off the TSA scanner. How much did I want to pack? I brought just a few things--and one of them was my trusty, well-worn leather snap cock ring.

The hairy stud picture below is wearing a leather cock strap. This was my first experience with cockrings. It was uncomfortably stiff at first but it quickly softened and soon felt like a second skin. I usually wear one of gear essentials' metal cock rings but I still occasionally snap one of these babies on. It's great for travel or if you get chubbed before you have a chance to slip a cockring on. (You'll never get a rigid ring on once you get a boner.) Just snap on your leather cock ring and enjoy the extra heft and length. 


Traveling with my Leather Cockring


Another benefit of a cockring is more intense orgasms. Looks like he is streaming some pretty intense pre-cum. It just gets better from here!

When you hit the road, don't forget your cock and ball gear. Bring the fun and pleasure with you. Gear yourself up in some essential gear and HAVE FUN!

gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


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