Tri-Sport Adjustable Fit Cocksling:


We had fun road-testing Oxballs' Tri-Sport Cocksling this past weekend. It is amazingly comfortable and supportive as it cradles your cock, balls and shaft. 


Side View of the Tri-Sport Cocksling


When I slipped it on I was pleased at how widely it opened. I easily got my junque through two of the holes - it was then very easy to slip my shaft through the third ring. I was impressed by how comfortable the Tri-Sport is. I have long appreciated Oxballs' Flex-TPR. It really does have a lot of give and is very easy to wear. 

I wore it free-balling in shorts, nude in the pool and then for some serious sex. My only complaint was that one of my balls rolled up and popped through while I was wearing it with shorts. It was no big deal as it is very easy to adjust. It never happened again.

I also like that it is not bulky. It makes for a great package under shorts but not artificially bloated looking. It was pretty much all me.

Bryan from Arizona wrote:  "took a bit of time to figure out but got everything in , works pretty well, not too tight like metal can be. snug fit but comfotrable ande easy to remove" 


Enjoying a Hot Fuck in my Tri-Sport Cocksling


Sex was awesome. It kept my prick plumper and thicker (like a good cockring should). For fucking, the design is lean enough that it doesn't get in the way of a good, shaft-deep thrust. I fucked the Boss and he raved about the depth of penetration and how full he felt. 

It's better for straight fuckers too. Max wrote:  "Probably the best feeling cock ring I've ever used.

"My girlfriend loves the look, especially when I'm shaved. Keeps me hard for a bit longer, like if we're doing a lot of positions.

"I find it really good for wanking too. Just feel horny when I have it on.

"And I love the feeling around the balls. I feel everything more intensely with it on."

It is more intense. And the sex is better!

A few Tri-Sport Color Selections


While this isn't the most straight-forward of cockrings, it's relatively easy to figure out what goes where. Rashad commented:  "I put my cock through the largest hole and put my balls through the smallest hole. Oh and boy does it grip my cock. 

"Is hard really hard with in seconds. My cock is thick, fat and veiny straight away. When I pull my foreskin back my head looks like I've polished it. Big, fat and purple."

Ramp up the intensity with the Tri-Sport!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Oxballs' Tri-Sport Cocksling:




    (Photos 1 & 3 by Oxballs. Photo 2 by Jay Williams. Bryan, Max and Rashad are not pictured.)



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