Triple Ring Support:  Cockring, Shaft Ring and Ball Stretcher for better sex


Thicker and harder is better, right? Sex is good--but sex with a cock ring (and shaft ring and ball weight) is over-the-top amazing! 

The first step is to keep your dick pumped with a cockring. A penis ring restricts the blood from escaping from your prick. This means you stay hard, longer and more sensitive. When you fuck, you will satisfy your partner even more. When you get sucked, the tongue swirling is even more intense when you have your C ring firmly in place.

Add a shaft ring and your prick gets an even better pump. You can wear a ring even tighter here (and need to if you want to keep it on when you are flaccid). 


Triple Ring Support:  Cockring, Shaft Ring and Ball Stretcher for better sex


A ball weight can intensify your sensitivity--it tends to keep things taut when you get hard. But it's really all about the tug, twist and pull on your nads. It gives another level of sensitivity and tantric pleasure. Perhaps the best part is that it prevents your ball sac from retracting up when you are about to cum--this delays and intensifies your orgasm. 

Want average sex--or GREAT SEX!?

Triple Ring with the Imperial cockring, shaft ring and ball stretcher and enjoy better sex.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.) 



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