Triple-Ringed Pleasure:  Ball Weight, Glans Ring and Cockring


Want to keep your dick pumped? Want to enjoy a high level of sexual awareness all day long?

It's easy. Triple Ring!

When you are hard your cock ring keeps your prick fatter, longer and even harder than usual. But what about when you are sitting at your desk checking e-mails or reviewing projects with your boss?

You can be in a zone of sexual titillation all day long when you triple ring. This includes the triple threat combination of cockring, glans ring and a ball weight. This may sound like a lot of weight but it balances out and feels great!

The stud pictured below is wearing a Titan cockring, Titan .2 glans ring and 16 ounce ball stretcher. It may look like a lot but once you have it on you don't sense it as being heavy.

Your cock ring fits snugly against your pubes—this is a weight that you won’t notice (although your partner will—with a smile—when you fuck!) The Titan .2 head ring is about ½ ounce (14.1 grams). This is enough to make you feel the delicious tug and rub for that 'mini hand job in your pants' feeling all day long. (Today I am wearing the Titan .9—it’s gear essentials’ heaviest at 2.3 ounces / 65 grams. I enjoy the added weight because it pulls my flaccid dick down and exaggerates the swing even more.)

The man pictured below also has one pound of metal wrapped around his ball sac. That is enough to really be felt as it pulls your sac away from your body. Throughout the day it gives you that swing, tug and twist that is so amazingly sensual. I think it also keeps your dick longer because you are so ultra-sensitive to what is going on in your pants. 


Triple-Ringed Pleasure:  Ball Weight, Glans Ring and Cockring by gear essentials


AusJon from Sydney, Australia wrote: “This piece is amazing, the best ball weight I've used. Don't even think about messing around with any other type! I've ordered the 24 now, and maybe one day the 32 will also be swinging between my legs.”

AusJon is right, "this piece is amazing!" You will love the tug, twist and pull. It feels great as you wear it throughout the day, the delayed orgasm it causes when your balls cannot retract up can be mind-blowing and your partner will love feeling it swinging. 

Aren't you ready for triple ringed pleasure?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. AusJon is not pictured.)


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John Collins

John Collins

Love it, got mine on right now

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