Triple Threat / Triple Pleasure in his Cockring, Glans Ring and Ball Weight


This hung stud is a triple threat! He's wearing the SurgeBLACK cock ring, stacked Titan .2 glans rings and a 16 Oz. Ball Weight. This is a whole lot of pleasure!

I love triple-ringing. Basically, that just means having rings around the base of your cock, balls and glans. Each ring adds a special sensation and benefit. A cockring keeps the bloodflow restricted in your dick so you stay thicker and harder - you'll last over the long haul! The glans ring pumps up the head of your dick so it's even bigger and more sensitive. It also rubs and teases the many sensitive nerve-endings around your corona for even more intense pleasure. The ball weight tugs and twists your balls for even more pleasure. It also delays and, for many men, intensifies orgasm. You'll cum buckets!


SurgeBLACK cock ring

This cockring is visually stimulating. The concave design of the SurgeBLACK cock ring makes it look as though your penis is exploding out of it. Don't you love a ring that does that for your dick?

Bill from Sarasota, Florida wrote:  "purchased my first gear essentials at IML in 2005 and have a great collection! Just received my surge black cocking, light weight perfect for all day and that chance encounter I just experienced. I was ready to go and we both enjoyed the total pleasure of the moment with everything keep in play! Thanks for all the options I remain a totally satisfied customer."

You know the sex is going to be hot with the SurgeBLACK C ring on your rod. You'll surge with pleasure as it keeps your prick thicker and ready for action. Like all of the penis rings in the ROBO collection, the SurgeBLACK features gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit so it's great for wear-all-day / play-all-night action. A lot of guys wear it 24 / 7. You'll be grateful to have this rigid ring wrapped around the base of your thickening prick.


Titan .2 glans ring

Want even more fun? Add the sexy Titan .2 glans ring. I really like his concept of stacking them. Sometimes I like a bit more weight--it gives more schwing, more erotic sensations and an impressive look. Two Titan .2 rings have just enough weight that I feel it but not so much that my dick gets fatigued. 

You can see how the glans rings are weighing his flaccid dick down for its most impressive look. Show it off to your best advantage in the locker room or beach.

Beamer from Canada wrote:  "Quality craftmanship, great price, purchased a month ago it provides snug, suburb comfort and fit and have had it on every day since. Thanks for the great service."

You'll enjoy the snug, superb comfort and fit too.

Triple Threat / Triple Pleasure in his Cockring, Glans Ring & Ball Weight


16 Ounce Ball Weight

There is nothing like the pleasure of a ball weight pulling and tugging on your ball sac. The stud pictured above obviously understands pleasure. And he's doing it with style. gear essentials' split ring ball weights are constructed in the USA from solid stainless steel. He's enjoying his 16 Oz. ball weight hanging from his balls. It's a totally hot look (and experience).

Buckeye from the Midwest loves his 16 Oz. ball weight; he wrote:  "I love this thing :) I have both the 16 n 24oz ball weights. This is amazing!!!!! It makes my cock instantly HARD n BULGING from the extra weight tugging on my balls.

"After wearing this great stretcher for 2-3 hours it makes my balls hang lower and gives me a longer, thicker boner which has lasted me as long as I wear the ball stretcher. Sometimes it tough to not cum!

"Walking around the house naked and swinging my heavy balls around makes me shoot cum! Huge loads and long strands. Word of warning the cum may shoot farther then expected and go into places that are difficult to reach if you need to clean it......wink wink LOL! Having sex and wearing this amazing ball weight gives the sex that extra WOW factor. Next will be the 8 n 32oz."

Discover the pleasure of the triple threat!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos submitted by customer. Bill, Beamer and Buckeye are not pictured.)



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