When Can I Upsize to a Heavier Ball Stretcher?


Last weekend we received a great e-mail from a customer who had just ordered more cock and ball gear. He was asking if he could wear a cockring with a ball weight and glans ring. He also wanted to know if I thought he could upsize his ball weight.

He wrote:  "Thought I'ld shoot some pics so you could see ball stretcher, still think might want to size up unless you say no. Added a couple more, obviously flaccid, but would like to add the cock ring I ordered today. The omega should fit with the rest I think. Not sure if ball stretcher and cock ring are worn together. Thanks for the personal service!"

Here is a shot of his 8 ounce ball stretcher on his balls.


 When Can I Upsize to a Heavier Ball Stretcher?  NOW!


He can definitely go with a wider bandwidth ball stretcher. More weight will intensify the tug, twist and pull on his nads as well as bring a more powerful orgasm. It's all good!

I also confirmed that he could most certainly wear his new Omega cockring with his ball weight and Titan .4 head ring. This is called triple ringing. Your ball weight will actually feel more intense when you wear it with a cockring because it keeps the blood flow restricted in your penis, keeps your junque pulled up and away from your body, and further stretches out your balls. Frankly, wear as much gear as you can, as much as fits on your cock and balls, and as much as feels comfortable to you!

Personally, I subscribe to Coco Chanel's advice:  "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."


8 Oz. Ball Weight combined with a Titan .4 Glans Ring:  Sensory Pleasure!


He asks great questions-and I suspect others have wondered the same things so I asked him if I could share his comments and his pictures.

He replied, "Sure, no problem with the photos even tho they are very flaccid. Might show others what to expect when without any stimulation. Doing much better with the ball stretcher by not wearing under - shorts. The one review is correct, very easy to stimulate when free balling! Thanks for the guidance, this is a new (and pleasurable) experience for me. Looking forward to that triple ringing!"

We are hoping his next photos will show off his prick hard! Until then, we are more than happy to share these. 



Ready to Upsize to a Heavier Ball Stretcher. With his Titan .4 Head Ring


We always enjoy getting photos and feedback from customers because it gives everyone a sense of what it is like to be new to cock and ball gear. He offers a great tip:  you will get far more pleasure from ball weights and glans rings when you wear loose underwear or even better--none at all! That gives the weight of the gear an opportunity to swing freely and tickle and tingle those sensitive nerve endings. It's all about feeling good.

It also helps you avoid pinching. For example, yesterday I was wearing my Titan .2 glans ring in tight briefs and I had to do more adjusting than usual. I think it's still worth it but folks may question why my hand is down the front of my pants all the time!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here. ENJOY!





(Photos by customer.)



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