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When you hang with Gear Essentials, you’re hanging with the best! We love the idea of ball stretching, which is why we have the very best ball stretchers and ball weights available online! Whether you are a newbie or a pro, we have the right ball weights you are looking for. Our selection of ball weights range from the light 8 oz. starter size to a whopping 32 oz. behemoth for those who love the tug.

If you are looking to stretch harder than an hour long hot yoga session, make sure to check out our entire ball stretcher selection, including our parachute ball stretcher, designed for additional weights for and incredible tug that will have you by the balls all day.

If you are getting into ball stretching or are a pro, Gear Essentials has the equipment you need to adorn your family jewels so you can get the look and feel you’ve always wanted. Browse our entire collection today!