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Ball Weight - Piston - 16 oz.

  • Ball Weight - Piston - 16 oz.
Ball Weight - Piston - 16 oz. Ball Weight - Piston - 16 oz. Ball Weight - Piston - 16 oz. Ball Weight - Piston - 16 oz.

Gear Essentials™

Ball Weight - Piston - 16 oz.



Another brand NEW exclusive from the creative minds at gear essentials.  Over the years we have found that the 16 ounce size (.45 kg) is one of our top sellers (in our original stainless ball stretcher.)  It is easily worn & fills your pants for a swing and bounce that will get you noticed! It will also give your ball sack an amazingly erotic tug with every step or thrust!

The Piston gives you a new twist on a tried and true ball weight.  It is secured with one screw so you can have more confidence that it will hang tough with you in thick or thin!

This weight has a bandwidth of 1 inch (25.4 mm). It, like all of our ball stretchers, is also available in our sensual brushed finish. All our weights are crafted of top-quality solid stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect from the hard-working Midwestern folks at gear essentials.

Feel the love!  Your balls will!


(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)


Note: the 'nub' connecting the two halves is added in manufacturing to secure the side opposite the screw. This piece is NOT made of stainless. Therefore, when exposed to water (shower, swimming, etc.) it will likely show signs of rust. If you do expose it to water, you may want to take it off & dry it. If you enjoy wearing it to the beach just periodically take steel wool to the nub & clean it off. (If you don't, no one will see it but you since it is hidden inside the seam. Under normal use it will take years for this piece to erode away.)

It's also good to remember that when swimming in a pool or hot tub (particularly a public or commercial pool which use harsh & strident chemicals), you will want to thoroughly rinse off any of your gear to remove these chemicals (which can cause damage). 




4.8 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Chad from Miami on Jul 20, 2019
The customer support and shipping is excellent always. The prices with sales are fantastic. Very fortunate to have gear essentials and everything they offer. The weight is awesome. It’s beautiful and high quality. I started with 8 oz. started stacking before trying. I find stacking a few before makes it easier to get on. I waited a while before writing the review to make sure I can wear it. I started stacking with it a little too soon but it’s comfortable and goes nicely with cock rings and gland rings. They bang and click off each other when I walk. The weight and pull is nice. The fashion is cool and comments are always flattering. Would recommend
Cyberxico from El Salvador on Aug 06, 2018
I begin using ballweights since my ball sac is short, since I started using them I started to get addicted to them, I begin with the 8oz, then I’ve got the 16oz, and now the 24oz. Now i wear it all day long with 24oz and during at night with 32oz. I love it when they hang and when I make love with my partner, every day I use it I see that my balls hangs more than before. If you start using them I simply can tell you that you won’t get enough, you would like to use them always, not only for sex.
Matt from Wisconsin on Mar 22, 2018
Wow what can I say. When I got the ball weight I tried it on and wore it for hours. I was able to walk around drive all the normal day stuff. It feels great tugs on your nuts. It’s an awesome find.
bigballs from California on May 21, 2015
I love this ball weight but have big lowhangers and will order next 32oz weight.
I can walk around without choking my balls on other ball stretchers.
LH from Atlanta on Feb 07, 2014
Excellent product. quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Really enjoy using these on my cock and balls.
AusJon from Sydney on Nov 05, 2013
This piece is amazing, the best ball weight I've used. Don't even think about messing around with any other type! I've ordered the 24 now, and maybe one day the 32 will also be swinging between my legs
Response from Gear Essentials
Nov 05, 2013
Thanks, AusJon--We are glad to hear it. And remember, you can always upsize to the 32 ounce by slipping an 8 ounce ring in there! ENJOY!