Gear Essentials™

Ball Weight - Piston - 24 oz.

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$87.95 $48.77 -45%
  • mens piston stainless steel 1.5 inch width ball stretcher by gear essentials
mens piston stainless steel 1.5 inch width ball stretcher by gear essentials gear essentials piston stainless steel mens ball weight mens piston stainless steel ball weight by gear essentials

Gear Essentials™

Ball Weight - Piston - 24 oz.

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$87.95 $48.77 -45%
  • The NEW Piston ball stretcher is another NEW exclusive from gear essentials!  If you’ve come this far, you probably already have worn a ball stretcher of some kind so you know how amazing it feels!  When you get into the 24 ounce (.68 kg) / 1.5 inch (38.1 mm) bandwidth, you need some pretty seriously stretched nuts.  This weight adds extra momentum to your play (or your day—if you have built up the stamina and can take it!) 

    Are you man enough?  Not only will your balls enjoy the tug and twist but your partner will get off on the sensation of it rhythmically hitting against their erogenous parts when being fucked.   This will take you to all new levels. 

    Like all of our ball weights, it is available in our sensual brushed finish as well. All of our weights are created of top-quality solid stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect from gear essentials. And you know they are made with love—so you can spread the love—by hearty men in Minnesota!

    Spread the love around—with the PISTON 24 oz. Ball Stretcher!

    Need sizing help?  Check out our sizing guide.


    WANT TO SEE THE DIRTY PICTURES?  Click here to see:  PISTON Ball Weights:  HOW THEY LOOK ON

    You can also search our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)


    Note: the 'nub' connecting the two halves is added in manufacturing to secure the side opposite the screw. This piece is NOT made of stainless. Therefore, when exposed to water (shower, swimming, etc.) it will likely show signs of rust. If you do expose it to water, you may want to take it off & dry it. If you enjoy wearing it to the beach just periodically take steel wool to the nub & clean it off. (If you don't, no one will see it but you since it is hidden inside the seam. Under normal use it will take years for this piece to erode away.)

    It's also good to remember that when swimming in a pool or hot tub (particularly a public or commercial pool which use harsh & strident chemicals), you will want to thoroughly rinse off any of your gear to remove these chemicals (which can cause damage). 


4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Chad from Miami on Aug 30, 2019
I was surprised how quickly it was shipped and delivered great service. Nice not to get it so quickly.
I bought the 1 1/2 and fits really nice. For me wider is better more a factor than length. I’ve been combining a couple of smaller weights 16 and 8 also throwing the Omega on top and felt ready to move up. Went on fairly easily and felt great the first time.
It looks really interesting and impressive begging to be shown off and the compliments have been good if not a little envious. Look good in person and on cam or photos. A self esteem booster for sure. One of the best purchases I have made. The swing is incredible too.
I have been able to stack on top of this too so may be able to move up after a while. All pro’s no con’s. However It is impossible to wear underwear with it and and shows thru shorts. Hangs out if shorter shorts so have to be mindful about that Thanks for making this.
Al from Ohio on May 24, 2017
The Piston weight is very high quality but the service from Gear Essentials is really the best. I can't believe how fast they can get an order sent out. They also have great communication.
harrison from ok. on Sep 03, 2014
Love the tug. ( you should make shirts ) . Just got thru mace club training with 24 piston on it fills great working out . Filling the tug and swing .gonna go for the 32 piston next .thanks for the quality product you make . It's a blast.
Steve from Southern IN on Aug 19, 2013
I have a few weights and I must say this is by far the most comfortable one. The fit is perfect and the amount of tug is awesome! I'd share a picture here if I was able to. Hope everyone that orders this one is as satisfied as I am.
Response from Gear Essentials
Aug 19, 2013
Hey, Steve--thanks for the review! We are glad you love the new PISTON!! Send us a picture and we'll put it on the Blog! Thanks again!