Architecturally-inspired, hand-crafted and elegantly worn, the Contour Cock Ring Collection features four arrestingly unique designs:

  • The Grinder – Bust a nut with the .6 inch (15mm) wide Grinder. Faceted to catch the light and wider to provide more support and lift.
  • The Torque – Elegantly carved, this .6 inch (15mm) wide penis ring shines and shimmers in the light of a black-tie ball or the red-light district! As distinctive and rare as you are!
  • The Bolt – Faceted stainless steel and a comfortably slim .4 inches (10mm) wide, this will give an extra boost to your screw!
  • The Strut – a higher profile in high design, this architectural wonder is also .4 inches (10mm) wide. It will make heads turn (and grow!)

Solid stainless steel hand-crafted in the US, these rigid rings quickly warm up to your body temperature and give you added confidence throughout your day—and night! Like all of gear essentials’ cock rings, they restrict the blood flow into your penis resulting in a thicker, longer, harder and more sensitive member. Both you and your partner will appreciate the extra boost—and the extra confidence it gives your performance.

Who knew sex could get better?