Gear Essentials™

NEW 2" Shaft / Glans ring

  • NEW  2" Shaft / Glans ring
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Gear Essentials™

NEW 2" Shaft / Glans ring



Want more attention at the gym?

You didn't think it possible but we have done it. gear essentials has created more than a glans ring, this is a shaft ring that is an incredible 2" / 51mm long.

Some of us like more weight and material and can't wait to wear it the entire day. 

It's a lot of ring! We put it on in the shower:  soap up your dick and slide it through the shaft ring. Your corona keeps it from sliding off. 

It's an amazing sensation bobbing on your dick and rubbing against the sensitive nerve-endings around the base of your dickhead. You and your partners won't be able to keep your hands off!

  • Brushed Stainless Steel finish
  • 2" / 51mm length
  • 1-5/16" / 34mm inside diameter
  • approximately 4.5 oz weight

You asked for more and gear essentials delivers. Can you handle it? 

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