Gear Essentials™

Glans Ring - Package of 5 Rings

$82.75 $66.20 -20%
  • Glans Ring - Package of 5 Rings
Glans Ring - Package of 5 Rings Glans Ring - Package of 5 Rings

Gear Essentials™

Glans Ring - Package of 5 Rings

$82.75 $66.20 -20%


Love gear essentials' new glans rings?  Get all five (in the same diameter size) and save 20%!   If purchased separately these would cost $82.75--get all five for just $66.20! 

These can also be worn as shaft rings or stacked for a completely personalized look. Let's just say you will stand out from the crowd!

Each ring is hand-crafted and machined in Minnesota, USA to the highest specifications.

Fraction Guide:

  • 1/8" = 2/16" (2.86 cm)
  • 3/16" = 3/16" (3.02 cm)
  • 1/4" = 4/16" (3.18 cm)
  • 5/16" = 5/16" (3.33 cm)
4.6 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Mathieu from Montreal on Feb 07, 2018
You never know what might happens when you order online but with you guys, i was gladly surpised as i got exactly what i asked for, a perfect ten for all of you gys, really like my glans ring, and sorry for my English as a fact i'm french, will order again soon...
Larry from Charlotte NC on Jul 24, 2017
Holy glans ring ! ! I love, love, love the feeling of wearing a ring. I like having a variety of options. Own multiple rings and would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't tried one. I wear one or two most everyday and all day. I'm hooked on the feeling! !
Dane from Texas on Jul 09, 2017
Wow this five pack is worth the money. I could not wait to get it. As soon as it got here I open Ed up the package and slipped one. Damn what a feeling. I like to pair it up with my cock rings. And yes I am one those guys that wears it to work.

I have a few different sizes so I can stack them up.
Jim from Gulf Breeze, Fl on May 07, 2016
Love your products (only 4 stars b/c of size issues), unfortunately, we are all not as fortunate as your models (though they do a great job of showing off your products). The largest glans ring that I can wear is .95", which works though I would like to try something smaller, to experiment with size.
Your smallest size glans ring is 1", which for me, can only be worn as a shaft ring (if I hope to keep it on). You can only clame having a hole in your pocket so many times :-(
Louis Palm from The Hague on Nov 28, 2014
Just had my Glans ring package 4 days and it's such a good feeling! I ordered the 1 1/8" and fit perfect. I haven't worn them 24/7 yet. I will however order the Glans Ring Titan .9 shortly, I think that one will even feel better! By the way did I tell you that Jay gives you the best service! It's a pleasure to buy here!
Dave from Eastern, Washington on Sep 03, 2013
As with the other reviews they should be a bit on the smaller side for us unlucky fellas that had parents who were related HA. Otherwise are mighty darn nice and mighty good quality. Look forward to the smaller ones. Now when ones finds the right partner this would make a good ring to say I do, just drop that pants and slide the ring on. YEEHAW.
Response from Gear Essentials
Sep 04, 2013
Dave--thanks for your review. We have heard the outcry and a smaller size is coming in the Titan .2 and Titan .4!

Let us know if you say 'I do'--we REALLY want pictures! ; )
Brad from Calgary, AB Canada on Aug 23, 2013
I love my new glans rings and wear them often. I bought the 5 pack so I have a variety to choose from. I, like most men, am a grower and not a shower (cut) and find when I'm soft, even the smallest size of 1-1/8" was too big and I was worried my ring would fall off when out free balling it or wearing a pair of cupping/supportive underwear. When I get hard, they are great. I've also tried stacking two rings (I have a 1" plain metal ring I've used as a glans ring for some time now) by putting on the larger diameter ring first, followed by the smaller one. My only suggestion would be to make a 7/8" or 1" ring as the smallest size for those of us who are growers and not showers and want to wear them as casual wear when we don't intend to get hard.
Response from Gear Essentials
Aug 23, 2013
Hey, Brad--thanks for the great review! Glans ring sizing can be really tough for those of us who are growers! Generally we count on the corona to keep a ring from hitting the floor when you are flaccid--but for some, the head isn't significantly larger than the shaft.

You will be glad to know that we will have the Titan .2 & Titan .4 available in a 1" size VERY soon! We have had several comments that smaller sizes are needed.

Thanks for the feedback--we appreciate it! ENJOY!
JR from MPLS on Aug 13, 2013
I bought two other glans rings for "casual" wear. I found that sitting or tight pants made fit and comfort challenging. When I was aroused or hard, the fit was perfect, but sitting around with shrinky-dink, I didn't want to lose my ring! Walking around commando or in my kilt, my first measurements worked just fine but for all day wear, I needed a smaller size to insure I kept my jewelry on! I dropped down one size and got the 5-pack and am really satisfied with look, fit, and comfort. I've stacked with the bigger size on first and put the smaller size on last, then if I feel myself becoming aroused, I slip off the smaller rings and have a great fit with the bigger ring. (Jay says I'm a "grower," not a "show-er!" ) I am also experimenting with a tighter ring for when I'm hard. Jay was great with all his help and advise. I would love to see the Surge and Halfscrew in stainless steel. h(int, hint) If you are considering a glans ring for wear or performance, talk to Jay and get yourself a 5-pack and have at! I'm glad I did!