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Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel

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  • Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel
Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel

Gear Essentials™

Glans Ring - Titan .9 Stainless Steel

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    So now we are introducing the Titan .9! That’s .9 inches (23 mm) of solid stainless steel bobbing on the end of your dick, widely tickling those hungry nerve-endings and making you squirm with delight! Be prepared because folks are going to ask you why you are smiling all the time.

    Why another Titan? Because there is just a classic simplicity to these rings. Solid, comfortable, broad; they make a statement where ever you go. And the weight is delicious.

    The Titans are carefully crafted in solid brushed stainless steel in the USA. These are heavier than our smaller glans rings (you begged for MORE!) so if you want to weigh down the head of your penis for a longer flaccid look these will do the trick. Like our other glans rings, the Titan .9 fits perfectly beneath the corona of your penis. These are the best quality we have seen in a glans ring--the safest metal for your family jewels and long-lasting--like YOU! The Titans also feature our exclusive corona fit with a squared interior rim to help prevent the ring from slipping off. Because of its lean profile, the Titans are great for stacking or use as a shaft ring. These rings coordinate with the Titan Series of cockrings. Put them on and you will stand out!

    Feedback has been awesome!  (Check out the reviews under the Titan .2 and Titan .4 glans rings.) One GearFan reported that it feels like he was getting a 'little hand job!' We also discovered that even when wearing a cock ring the glans ring resulted in an even bigger dick head and a powerful orgasm. Sex will also last longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve endings beneath the cap of your dick.

    During road-testing of the Titan .9, we found that it stayed on more effectively during sex—even when using slippery lube.

    These are designed for all day wear--and our testers have had no negative experiences wearing them all night. Enjoy this classy man-accessory and enjoy the powerful feelings as you feel your rod in ways you've never experienced before!

    Note, you may want to go down one size on this glans rings due to it's weight.

    • Bandwidth:  Titan .9 Bandwidth: .9 inches (23 mm)
    • Weight:  Approximate Weight:  2. Oz.  depending upon size
    • Finish:  brushed or mirror

    Fraction Guide:

    • 1/8" = 2/16" (2.86 cm)
    • 3/16" = 3/16" (3.02 cm)
    • 1/4" = 4/16" (3.18 cm)
    • 5/16" = 5/16" (3.33 cm)


    Want the four largest sizes? Choose "ALL 4 Sizes" in the drop-down and you will get the 4 largest sizes-at 20% off! For just $95.84 they’re yours—and they’re great for use as shaft rings as well.

    Now available--Bright Mirror finish now available in the 1", 1-1/8", 1-3/16", 1-1/4" and 1-5/16" sizes. Let us know what you think!

    Want to see pictures of the Titan .9 glans ring on? Check out our blog.


4.6 out of 5, based on 25 reviews
Jay from Palm Springs, CA on May 26, 2020
UncutH-Town: Thanks for your review. A couple of thoughts for you--if you didn't already, order the next size down. If you are already on the narrowest diameter, you can stack a narrower glans ring between your corona and the Titan .9. It works really well and keeps everything where it is supposed to be. Even a smaller Nitrile ring like the smallest ring in the "Screaming O x 3 Ring" set should work really well for you.

This is one of my favorite sizes -- I love the weight on the end of my dick!

UncutH-Town from Houston TX on May 26, 2020
I like the ring, just wish it was a tad bit smaller. Yet once it gets girthy it fits fine, just not in a flaccid state.
Jan Sobieski from NYC on Aug 11, 2019
I wanted a ring loose enough for all day wear but wouldn't fall off. The "corona fit" keeps it on even when swimming. The brushed finish has drawn a lot of compliments. I'd like a bit heavier, but the weight is sufficient to give a nice swing and keep your dick toward the long end of its normal "long short long" cycle.
Mumbles from Socal on Apr 24, 2019
When I first bought the titan I was a little concerned with the high it would sit behind the glans when achieving a erection and if it would cut off too much circulation. Once I put it on and the wifie came home and saw it she dropped and did her duty, but once I was hard there was no discomfort at all only this angry purple head that felt amazing. Let's say she enjoyed the fun as did I. One thing she likes is that there is enough constriction that when the ring is removed she gets her desert as she likes to say. Great product very comfortable to wear 24-7, I am thinking of ordering another the stack behind the glans ring just to test out the waters. Thanks again
Big Daddy from NC on Apr 09, 2019
Recently got the .9 Glans Ring in 1" diameter and it makes the head of my cock swell that when my wife slides it in her juicy vage it creates a suction keeps drawing you back in balls deep and then just as I'm ready to orgasm she'll hang on to it with both hands and work that bulbous head in her mouth til I explode with warm love juice that's good to the last drop.
Need I say more?
Buy this you'll both love it!
shaver77 from australia on Mar 16, 2019
length and finish on ring excellent. I was a bit upset then that it had little weight to it
spanky from CT on Oct 12, 2018
This my second one and just love the feel and wear it all day !!!!
Buckeye from Midwest on Sep 25, 2018
I have bought several of these. Decided to buy the 1.25" one. Wanted a truly tight fit. It kept my penis head hard! This one worked tremendously. It worked so well that I had pre-cum all day. :)
Buckeye from OHIO on Aug 04, 2018
I recently bought the 1 4/16 .9 head ring! And again Gear Essentials delivered......My sexual arousal increased wearing this! I have all the width's in the 1 5/16. So I go the next size smaller just for more tightness. Me and my female friend with benefits tried it out. We had hot sweaty sex that kept going and going and going. My mushroom head stayed firm which kept my cock ROCK hard! She was amazed. Next time we meet it I will be supporting all ,4 .6 .9 1/5/16 and my new friend .9 1 1/4. It should be fantastic!
Tracy from South Carolina on Feb 11, 2018
Since I have found this website, I have started a collection of rings and weights from Gear essentials. Seems like I just cant get enough! These guys have flawless products and very fast customer service. I am VERY pleased to add this type of quality to my growing collection. I will definitely be a returning customer!
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