How to Wear a Jock

Boxers or briefs?  That's the usual question.  It represents a Venn diagram the public wants men to believe; and it sucks—not in the fun way.  Men, there are more undie options out there.  Don't restrict your junque.  Wear the underwear your package deserves.

So how do you wear a jock?  Get over the world, get into yourself, and put your junque in one.  That's how a man wears a jock.

Why Wear a Jock?

Enter the jock.  This stylish take on a classic undergarment offers control for the pillar and stones, and it does it right.  Where other undies leave your penis crunched or diddly dangling, the jock provides a pocket to hold, support, and show off the goods.

History of the Jockstrap

Obviously, the jock is form following function.  The first jockstrap was invented in 1874 for bikers traversing bumpy Bostonian streets.  Applications took off from there.  Sport advancements added cups of varying hardness and padding according to the activity.  These are sexy in their own way (and we do encourage their exploration).  However, we are interested in the stylish direction the jockstrap took.

Getting into a Jock

If reading the history of the jockstrap above made you want to get into a jock, you are not alone.  We had to cut back writing about the various types of straps, like the hockey jocks that use garter clips and bulky protectors for goalies.  It just raises to many interests; and that belongs here.

Our sexy jocks are all about the look.  Whether you want to be the embodiment of that goalie, wrestler—whatever—the jock is the look for you.  You look and feel ready to go in a jock.  You also have options with jocks, including seams for more lift and harder outlines.  There are sock options, material choices, and more.  Best of all, the options are designed with respect to our penises.

On a Straight Note

Your partner or prospective partner will like you in a jock; but don't take our word for it.  Ask a friend or think of it this way.  Picture sexy underwear on your partner—whatever comes to mind when we say sexy underwear.  Now, picture yourself in sexy underwear.  If you say you see tightie-whities, you are either lying to yourself or an anomaly we have to hear from.  Email us you special person, you.