You understand the concept of a penis ring and you’re interested in other ring-based sexual enhancement devices.  Awesome! It’s time to check out glans rings.  Glans rings are little rings that go around the head of your penis.  What this does is stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis – the frenulum – and makes you feel like you’re getting a tiny tug job all day long.

Does the idea of getting a mini handy all day long sound intriguing to you? Good!  Wearing a glans ring feels great and is a good way to add a little spice to your day to day life!  You get little sensations in the spots where it feels the best without making a scene.

Another advantage to wearing a glans ring is that it delays orgasm.  The same way that it gives you little tugs throughout the day is the same way that it covers those sensitive nerve endings from hot, wet, flesh on flesh action – prolonging the inevitable eruption of passion.

All this plus the blood restriction to the head of your penis makes your head feel bigger and fuller.  If you’re into the mushroom head look then a glans ring is right up your alley.  And if you’re into added pleasure for your partner, a glans rings should be up their alley as well!  Combine wearing a glans ring with wearing a penis ring for extra intensity.

A little added weight and a bit of pressure around the head of your penis could make a world of difference.  If the thought of getting a glans ring has ever crossed your mind, what are you waiting for?  Head rings are affordable enough that you won’t be breaking the bank if for some crazy reason you don’t like it.

Finally, every glans ring that Gear Essentials offers looks amazing.  There are plenty of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from that you’ll surely find one that fits your personality.  So what are you waiting for?  Give a glans ring a shot and see what everyone else is raving about!