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NEW size .....Ball Weight - 16oz.

  • NEW size .....Ball Weight - 16oz.
NEW size .....Ball Weight - 16oz. NEW size .....Ball Weight - 16oz. NEW size .....Ball Weight - 16oz. 16oz Stainless Steel Ball Weight by Gear Essentials™ 16oz Stainless Steel Ball Weight by Gear Essentials™ NEW size .....Ball Weight - 16oz.

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NEW size .....Ball Weight - 16oz.



New 1-3/8" interior size available  


Looking for some sexy ball stretching weights? Look no further--this is one of our top sellers! This ball weight is easily worn & fills your pants for a swing and a look that will get you noticed! You will enjoy the erotic tug, twist and pull on your ball sac as you move around. This weight has a bandwidth of 1 inch (25.4 mm) and weight of 1 lb. (16 ounces or .45 kg).

It, like all of our ball stretchers, is available in our sensual brushed finish. All our testicle weights are made of stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect form the hard working, Midwestern Folks at Gear Essentials.

(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)


Note: the 'nub' connecting the two halves is added in manufacturing to secure the side opposite the screw. This piece is NOT made of stainless. Therefore, when exposed to water (shower, swimming, etc.) it will likely show signs of rust. If you do expose it to water, you may want to take it off & dry it. If you enjoy wearing it to the beach just periodically take steel wool to the nub & clean it off. (If you don't, no one will see it but you since it is hidden inside the seam. Under normal use it will take years for this piece to erode away.)

It's also good to remember that when swimming in a pool or hot tub (particularly a public or commercial pool which use harsh & strident chemicals), you will want to thoroughly rinse off any of your gear to remove these chemicals (which can cause damage). 

4.4 out of 5, based on 19 reviews
Gear from New Jersey on Apr 11, 2019
Bought my 2nd stretcher weight after first trying the 8oz weight felt it was not heavy enough so decided to go up in weight and try the 16oz...feels great once I get it on. Still a challenge to get all the skin in without pinching, just takes patience, went with the 1 1/4" ring. No problems with having it on extended times feels great free balling and also when supported by a jock.
Noob stretcher from NY on Dec 16, 2018
I like the 16oz weight a lot. I figured that 1 1/4 was the right inner diameter for me because I tried using my Omega (1 3/4) and Alpha (1 5/8) cock rings together as a weighted stretcher and they would slip off when I started moving around.
I need to work up my tolerance to it though. My first time using it, it took me 20 minutes to put it on and I could only bear it for about 15 minutes. I used a thin ribbon wrapped around my sack as mentioned in the other comments and reviews. Getting all of my skin to fit still took a lot of time and patience. The edges would pinch my skin a lot. I hope to make it an all day stretcher.
Larry McGuire from North Carolina on Jul 20, 2017
Extremely satisfied and would highly recommend. Great product ! !
Edgewood from Austin, Texas on Jan 11, 2016
This is a beautiful device. I'm kept in chastity and my keyholder wanted to come up with a way to edge me for hours at a time without her involvement. Enter the ball weight. She puts this on me and then keeps an eye out for wandering hands. Typically I can't stand, walk, or let the weight dangle for more than 20 minutes at a time for fear I'll shoot hands free. I like my boys high and tight, but the sensation of the weight on them is incredible. Hopefully I'll be able to continue use without the permanent stretch.
Big Jim from Western U.S. on Jan 01, 2016
I just got my new weights today (32 oz). I was hoping to just get it on and wear it for 1 hour but I just couldn't get the device closed. 2 inches is just a 1/4-1/2 inch to wide. I just kept getting pinched (even after a shower). I can't believe how sharp the edges are. I think my main problem is the width (2inches), so I'm going to try a weight (16 oz) that is only 1 inch in width while maintaining the the 1.5 inch inside diameter. Hopefully I can grow into the weight/ width of the 2 pounder (I hate to throw away $90).
Response from Gear Essentials
Jan 14, 2016
Hey, Big Jim! Don't throw it away! I promise you will get there! Keep wearing your 16 Oz ring and if possible, add a cock ring on top of it for added weight. It sounds like you may have just bitten off more than you can chew at this point--but it WILL happen if you keep wearing your ball weight. Sorry for the unpleasant experience (ball pinching is not fun). But keep at it and you'll get there. Thanks for the feedback! Good luck & let us know if you have any question or need help. Best, Jay
Steve from Kansas City.,MO on Oct 20, 2015
I'm about to try and move up to a heavier weight. I noticed another comment from someone local to me. Others may find this of use. My jewels are not the same size and one will hang tighter and is smaller, and will slip . I have used a second barrier with a nitrile stretch ring of 1 inch and also small TPR and TPR blend donnet to keep the smaller guy from slipping. As for putting on a ring with a smaller inside circumference use a silk scarf or womens nylon hose that can be cut. Wrap around the sack and tie in half note to secure slightly or tightly until the weight has been tightened, can even use a nitrile ring with the silk or nylon to hold it. Its not fool prof so be careful, but it dose help keep from getting pinched. With a slight tug the nylon will slip and pull out Those guys hang down farther in warm weather. Wearing metal I even slip a babies sock over my guys to keep them free hanging an warm. Finding a 1 in inside diameter is hard to come by but that is what would contain my package from slipping thru. It is a bit of a jolt, usually when one goes to sit or squat and then pop.
Response from Gear Essentials
Nov 20, 2015
Great suggestions, Steve. Thanks for sharing this! Good luck with upsizing to a heavier weight. You will ENJOY it! Thanks again!
Michael from Chapel Hill on Jul 22, 2015
I received my weights within a few days of ordering. Quick and speedy. could not wait to try on the 16oz ball weights. after a hot shower, it seemed to slip right on. the feeling was great from the start. I also slipped on the .4 titan glan ring. both feel so great on and look hot! slipped on some athletic shorts, and went for a walk. feels so great, bouncing and twisting in my shorts. looked like I had a horse cock in my pants. swinging the shorts back an forth. these two pieces are a must to own .get some, you will Definitely enjoy them.
Chris from Kansas City on Jun 25, 2015
I have been using the 8oz weight for a couple of months, and am ready to graduate. I love the progress I've made. However, the 8oz weight I've been using has the 1.5" inside diameter, and my left ball will pull out of it on occasion - and it's painful when that happens. I have been putting an additional nitrile ring below the weight to help prevent the slippage - but even that doesn't always work - so I figured I needed the 1.25" inside diameter weight. When I ordered the 16oz weight, I ordered the 1.25" inside diameter. I cannot get that thing on, no matter how hard I try. It's just not going to work. So now I'm going to have to buy the 1.5" inside diameter weight, and throw the 1.25" inside diameter weight in the trash. Just wasted 79 bucks.
Dave from Florida on Jan 17, 2015
Received the ball weight faster than I expected. I ordered the largest 16 oz size. Unfortunately it is a major struggle
to get all the skin into that opening. After major squeezing, tugging and major pinching of the skin I am able to close the device. It is so tight it actually does not pull down on my large boys. It just clamps on the skin tightly and I can not move it up or down. By the end of the day my balls are purple blue from lack of blood. Maybe a larger size opening for us big guys would be something the company should look at. The device is a good idea, but be careful that the weight will accommodate your skin.
Response from Gear Essentials
Jan 20, 2015
Hey, Dave--thanks for your review. It sounds like you've got plenty of material! Our recommendations would be to 1) put your ball weight on right after a hot shower. 2) It really DOES get much easier with practice. Here's a link to a blog telling the best methods for getting that sucker on a bit easier: 3) Rarely can a guy wear a new ball weight all day--I'm impressed you hung in there. Any time a body part turns purple, it's time to take it off. We recommend that you start by wearing it an hour, then the next day go for 90 minutes and so on. This allows you and your ball sac to get used to this. The weight of the ball stretcher WILL put pressure on your balls and your sac will stretch. So please keep trying. The fact that you eventually did get all your sac into the ball weight indicates that it is the right size--as you stretch it will fit better. If you still feel you need something larger, check out the Omega Split Ring--that starts at 1.75" interior diameter (it's great for stacking on top of your existing ball weight for faster stretch too). Thanks for your review, Dave. Keep stretching & ENJOY!
Tony from Surprise Arizona on Nov 15, 2014
I just got my 16 oz and I was first impressed with the speed of the delivery only a few days to get it. once I got it I couldn't wait to put it on It was rather easy to put on. I took a hot shower to relax my sack and it was a breeze to put on I glad I got the 1.5 inch to start off with The feeling of the tug is incredible. I am so excited I have not taken it off yet and I slept with it on This is a great product and I can't wait to add an additional 8 oz in the future The only thing is now I need to find a pair pf jeans that will allow me to wear it without looking to insanely obvious its also fun to freeball in shorts and let the boys swing free!!!!
Response from Gear Essentials
Nov 15, 2014
Hey, Tony--thanks for your review! Glad you are LOVING your new ball weight--& it sounds like you figured it out really fast! Congrats on that! As for the 'insanely obvious' package, GO FOR IT! Enjoy!
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