Ball Weight - Piston - 8 oz.

Gear Essentials™

Looking for a new look in ball stretchers?  This is the lightest weight we offer and the best selection for someone new to ball weights.  It is the easiest to learn to put on and is great for all day wear.  Like its smooth sibling, it will put an erotic tug on your balls as you move around.  The swing can feel wild!  This is the lightest weight at roughly 8 ounces (.23 kg) and is only 1/2-inch wide (12.7 mm).  It comes in two diameters:  1.25 inches and 1.5 inches.

This is also a great size if you want to 'stack' (wear more than one ball stretcher at a time). Stacking is great to customize the amount of weight you are swinging and it is a great way to move up to the next size.

These are secured by an Allen wrench. This keeps it from popping off during hard play or while moving through your day like magnetic weights. (An Allen wrench is included. You can see it in the pictures.)

This size, like all of our ball weights, is also available in our sensual brushed finish. All our weights are made of stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect from gear essentials. Best of all, this ball weight is made in Minnesota by corn-fed workmen who care!


(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)


Note: the 'nub' connecting the two halves is added in manufacturing to secure the side opposite the screw. This piece is NOT made of stainless. Therefore, when exposed to water (shower, swimming, etc.) it will likely show signs of rust. If you do expose it to water, you may want to take it off & dry it. If you enjoy wearing it to the beach just periodically take steel wool to the nub & clean it off. (If you don't, no one will see it but you since it is hidden inside the seam. Under normal use it will take years for this piece to erode away.)

It's also good to remember that when swimming in a pool or hot tub (particularly a public or commercial pool which use harsh & strident chemicals), you will want to thoroughly rinse off any of your gear to remove these chemicals (which can cause damage). 

5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Paul from Iowa on Jan 17, 2017
I thought I’d start off the New Year with a resolution to try more Gear Essentials products in 2017! In January, I am trying the Gear Essentials Glans Rings (Titan .6 and Titan .2) and a Ball Weight (Piston 8 oz). The glans rings and ball weight are truly amazing.

I’ve been wearing the ball weight all day and really enjoy the gentle tug it provides. In fact, I just ordered another one, so I can stack them for additional pleasure. I really didn’t know what to expect when I ordered my 1st ball weight. However, I am definitely a big fan after giving it a try.

I am looking forward to my next Gear Essentials purchase. Your products are amazing!
Joseph B from Savannah, GA on Sep 05, 2015
This has been one of the best things I have done for myself! I have looked at and researched ball stretchers for some time as my sac is always high and tight and I shoot very quickly. Once I finally decided to take the plunge with something that was more "weighty" Jay in customer service was very helpful in guiding me through choosing the right size and weight. I received the stretcher very quickly, even faster than the shipping schedule had said, and wasted no time in trying it on. When I got the package the weight surprised me, even though I had ordered the 8 oz weight and thought "uh oh", but It fits like a glove and feels so hot tugging on my sac all day under my business suit! Lets just say my husband loves the way it looks on me and our sex has turned into marathon sessions now that my orgasm is delayed. Whether I am bottoming or topping it feels amazing! I can't wait to order my next weights and other sex products from Gear Essentials!
Bruce from Phoenix on Aug 14, 2015
Just right for wearing around in baggy pants. Nice without being a big "sex" event. Adds to your day.
Ed from Fort Lauderdale, FL on Feb 07, 2014
I have both the 16 and 8oz ball weights - - they are absolutely GREAT - - even though I have not been blessed with "bull balls", when wearing either of these, there is a feeling of 'total sensuality' - - when you walk around with one of these on (either 'commando' or with loose shorts), the weight and the swing they allow you to have makes you feel like a STUD!!!