Balls-T Ballstretcher

Atomic Jock

The super-easy Silicone ball stretcher just stretches and snaps on! In “Blueballs Metallic", Black and Pink, the Balls-T is designed for ball sacs that are high & tight (or on the smaller side). It’s not too thick or bulky so you can easily use it as a trainer or in addition to your traditional split ring ball weights. Keep stacking as your balls stretch. Mix & match—let your creativity run wild.

This “pure platinum” silicone is designed to mimic the feeling of flesh so it warms up quickly. Unlike neoprene or plastic, it is sensitivity safe for most skin types. This is great for play—especially if it has already started and your erection prevents you from putting on your traditional weights.

Available in black, pink or blue.

Inside diameter:  1 1/8” (2.86 cm)

Bandwidth:  1 1/8” (2.86 cm) 

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