Black Baller Anal Beads

XR Brands

You know who you are. You get intense pleasure from having your prostate mega massaged and your hole completely filled. Are you always begging for more? The Black Baller Anal Beads will more than deliver.

Let's face it. You are in touch with your body and know what feels good. The Black Baller delivers five impressively-sized TPE spheres for intense popping sensations. The easy-pull ring handle provides easy control and a secure hold, and the smooth, flexible TPE material makes this toy safe and easy to clean.

And it's BIG. Nearly a foot-and-a-half big. Can you handle it?


Material: TPE (PVC)


  • Total length:  17.5" / 44.45 cm
  • Bead diameter:  2.65 / 6.73 cm


Note:  This item ships in a large US Postal Priority Mail box so the shipping will be more expensive. Tip:  combine your purchase with other items to reduce your cost of shipping per item.

5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Cory from US on Apr 07, 2017
this is massive. got three balls in shot off like a cannon
BD from USA on Mar 30, 2017
I am delightfully satisfied with this brand and product! I received a huge well made toy that was far from a disappointed! Honestly. You might fell intimidated or even a bit scared upon first glance of these beads! This is toy is for seasoned back porch players ONLY! Everything I've ever wanted and needed in a beaded toy... Soft and flexible with huge girth challenging "beads"... Yet very well made and durable also!

CAUTION: The "Beads" on this lovely creation are equivalent to a standard BILLIARD BALL! Yes! They're big.... they have about the same circumference of a beer bottle or can... so be PREPARED... or ecstatic, like I am! Two Thumbs WAY up!