Black Butterfly Nipple Clamp with chain


Sold out.

This is not a beginner's nipple clamp!

Are you tough enough to enjoy the erotic thrill & sensation of these silicone-tipped black butterfly clamps on your nips? These are non-adjustable & will really bring an intense bite. These feature a black chain that connects your nips together--when you reach out & touch you get TWICE the pleasure!  (Or ad some weight to the chain and enjoy a deeper thrill...)

For over-the-moon orgasms, tug your nipple chain while masturbating or during sex. You will think you have a third hand! Upon removal you will have intense pleasure/pain for several minutes–and may have fond reminders for several hours whenever anything brushes your extra-sensitive nips! It is recommended that you do not leave nipple clamps on for longer than 15 minutes to avoid tissue damage.

For even more pleasure, alternate with the nipple suckers--they will pump you up so you have more to clamp!  Enjoy the ride!

These sturdy nipple clamps are made by M2M. 

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