Gear Essentials™

1.5" Shaft / Glans ring

  • 1.5" Shaft / Glans ring
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Gear Essentials™

1.5" Shaft / Glans ring



Want more attention at the gym?

You didn't think it possible. We have done it.  Gear Essentials has created more than a glans ring, this is a shaft ring that is an incredible 1.5" / 38mm long.

Some of us like more weight and material and are willing to wear it the entire day

  • Brushed Stainless Steel finish
  • 1.5"/38mm length
  • available in 3 inside diameters:
    • 1-3/16"/30mm, 1-1/4"/ 32mm or 1-5/16"/34mm 
    • approximate 3 to 4 oz weight

    You asked for more and Gear Essentials delivers


    4.2 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
    Bob from Arizona on Aug 20, 2019
    Wow, truly a great and wonderful weighted shaft ring/glans ring. Let me just say, the stares and wide smiles I got from men, (jealous) and women (excited) as my cock swung back and forth with vigor as I strutted around with this on in a loose fitting pair of workout shorts, sans underwear/jock strap!

    When I arrived home later, I had to get some boner relief because of all the enthusiastic eyes that observed my manhood. The shaft ring fit snugly, yet did not constrict and allowed for one powerful blast.
    Jake from Palm Springs on Jun 17, 2019
    Not easy to slip into but once I got it on it was awesome. I love the weight and the look is impressive. When I got hard it was super snug--I'm looking forward to Gear Essentials making larger diameters.
    Chad from Miami on Jun 09, 2019
    Great experience. Nice weight really swings and bangs around. Size is good. I need to lube it to get it on. Not uncomfortable when hard but nice when in between. Nice with a ball weight the hit each other when you walk. Better than trying to combine rings.