Neo Angle Ballstretcher

Atomic Jock

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Are you ready for an amazing fit & feel? This Neo-stretch ball stretcher is made of Oxball’s super-soft stretchy silicone that won’t strangle your ball sac yet it keeps those nuts firmly in their place. The Neo Angle features a fat lip around the edge so it doesn’t dig into your sensitive sac. Neo-stretch is rubbery, stretchy & feels like it is a part of you.

The angled design pushes your balls forward or back, depending upon how you wear it. You can also stack these to push your balls up & out—if you have the balls!

The Neo Angle Ballstretcher also makes an amazing pusher cock ring.

  • Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes
  • 100% Pure Platinum Silicone (so it won’t cause a burning feel that you may have experienced with neoprene). 100% allergy-free
  • Size:  Slightly under 1” interior diameter (with a slight swell in the center to squeeze you more where you need it most!)
  • Clean with detergent & hot water, run through the dishwasher or soak in a bleach-water solution after use.
  • Made in the USA
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