Gear Essentials™

Glans Ring – Quarter Screw Aluminum

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  • stainless steel quarter screw glans ring for men by gear essentials
stainless steel .3 inch wide quarter screw glans ring by gear essentials stainless steel quarter screw glans ring for men by gear essentials

Gear Essentials™

Glans Ring – Quarter Screw Aluminum

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  • A Brand NEW Original from gear essentials!  This light-weight solid aluminum glans ring (also known as a head ring) fits perfectly beneath the corona of your penis.  Designed with our new corona fit, the interior rim is squared to help prevent the ring from slipping off.  This ring design features the distinctive double ridges of the Quarter Screw cock ring and seamlessly ties in with the Full Screw, Half Screw or Quarter Screw cock rings.

    Our trusty development team has been road-testing for some time.  One tester reported that while wearing it walking along the streets of New York it felt like he was getting a 'little hand job!'  We also discovered that even when wearing a cockring the glans ring resulted in an even bigger dick head and a powerful orgasm.  Sex will also last longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve endings beneath the cap of your dick.

    These can also be worn as shaft rings or stacked for a completely personalized look.  Let's just say you will stand out from the crowd!

    Each ring is hand-crafted and machined in Minnesota, USA to the highest specifications.

    These are designed for all day wear--and our testers had no negative experiences wearing them all night.  Enjoy this classy man-accessory and enjoy the powerful feelings as you feel your rod in ways you've never experienced before!

    Bandwidth:  .3 inches (7.62 mm)

    Weight:  Approximately .25 Oz.

    Fraction Guide: 

    •   3/16" = 3/16" (3.02 cm)
    •   1/4" = 4/16" (3.18 cm)

    Want them all? Choose "Both Sizes" in the drop-down and you will get each size--at  discount!   For $28.72 you can get the 1-3/16" and 1-1/4" Quarter Screw glans ring--great for use as shaft rings as well.

    Want to see pictures of the Quarter Screw glans ring on? Check out our blog.

    Caution: Want to fuck while wearing your Quarter Screw glans ring? Please pop a condom on your rod before you screw so you don't lose it! ENJOY!


4.4 out of 5, based on 15 reviews
John from Denver, CO on Aug 06, 2019
I’ve been wearing glans rings for a few years now and really like how they look and feel. I always wear 1” rings so was worried about this one being 1 1/8” diameter being too large. It fits well while walking around nude, but wearing it to work and sitting all day it does tend to slip forward. This is a great looking ring and very lightweight. I wear it a lot and if it becomes ab
Raven from Rhode Island usa on Mar 28, 2019
I ordered he smallest size available in this design is too big to wear where it's supposed to fit. It's awesome because it matches my cock ring of the same style but I can't wear it during sex . Maybe a slightly smaller option would be a great idea.
Gary from Kansas City on Nov 09, 2018
Love it, just wish I would have ordered one size down on the size. I measured and it totally fits well, but as soon as I get the Albolene out and start strokin', it has a tendency to slide over the head! :(
Jose from Denver, Colorado on Jul 21, 2018
It's great.. Fits perfectly to the glans and makes you look sexier.. And at the time of having sex you feel a divine little pressure that makes you excite more.. And your partner feels even more when you're in... excellent, a wonder of invention!!!
DavidinBrooklyn from NY on Mar 24, 2018
I don't know how the design experts do it, but they've done it! Looks great, and this glans rings stays in place and doesn't slip off even when nothing's going on down there. Paired up with the matching Half Screw Cock Ring, it's not that often nothing's going on down there, even just thinking about it!
Matt from Wisconsin on Mar 14, 2018
Love the glans ring the first time I used it was my best cum shot. My nuts felt totally drained haven’t felt that way in along time. Ordered more items to try can’t wait until those get here.
Rick from Franklin on Jan 14, 2018
Update!! I’ve been wearing this glans ring 24 /7 for over two weeks .no slippage .no problems . It has not come off once ; not even while having sex ! My wife and I are really loving it! She says the feei when it enters her is incredible! I highly recommend getting this! It will really spice up your sex life!
Rick from Franklin Tennessee on Jan 01, 2018
Great shipping!!
Love the "Tooling " and light weight feel of this ring
Looks good with my apadrayva
I ordered the 1 3/16 but have also ordered the 1 1/8 for those ( hated) shrinkage days
Dan from Pittsburgh on Oct 18, 2015
I have two of these rings and a titan .4 glans ring. I use theme stacked together as shaft rings. The feeling is great and they are comfortable enough to wear all day and night! Love the product.
Ed from Las Vegas on Oct 15, 2015
This is my first gains ring. At first glance I thought it was going to be way too big for me. But it fits just right. I've worn it all day commando - even to the gym - and it stayed in place just fine. I like the look - I'm cut but have a lot of extra skin and the ring hides behind the extra skin. As I pull it back or get hard the ring shows. My only complaint is that it's too light; I really don't feel any tugging. I've ordered a steel ring to giet some more weight.
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