Half Screw Cock Ring

Gear Essentials™

This selection is not your typical middle child! (The Half Screw plays middle sibling to the thinner Quarter Screw and beefy big brother Full Screw.) Slightly over one half inch wide, the Half Screw cock ring makes for a pronounced bulge in your jeans, under a suit, or in your leathers.

Due to the extreme comfort interior fit, this ring is great for hard work-all-day / play-all-night wear. Even under tight clothing you will find the fit amazing and easy to wear. And when you are naked, it's even better! But don't think comfort means you sacrifice on performance. The Half Screw penis ring keeps the blood flow in your tool so you stay thick and harder--even when flaccid. This is great gear for a better screw!

Made of premium light-weight aluminum, you might just forget you have one of these aluminum cock rings on--except for the fact that your dick is fuller and has a bit more schwing than usual!

Want to pop your head? Coordinate this with the Quarter Screw glans ring

Bandwidth:  .6 inches (15.24 mm)

Weight:  Approximately 1.6 ounces (45.26 grams)
(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Mark from NC on Apr 25, 2016
Awesome Cock Ring!!! The 2 1/8" fits perfectly...presents my package very nicely, and takes my girth from 6 3/4" to 7 1/2".
Karl from NC on Apr 20, 2016
The best cockring I have ever used!!!! It's lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and most importantly…it works!! My wife loves the way it makes my package look, as well as how it enhances our experience. The 2 1/8" is the perfect size for me…I'm going to have to get another one in the Surge to wear on our way to Vegas next week! Well done Gear Essentials…well done, indeed!!
j from IA on Jun 10, 2013
FANTASTIC feel and look! to change the appearance i found o-rings at the local hardware store that fit perfectly in the grooves