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Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cockring by Gear Essentials™ Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring Imperial Cock Ring

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Imperial Cock Ring



Elegant and dramatic, the American-made stainless steel cock rings featured in the Imperial Series offer a grander, more majestic choice. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, this metal cock ring offers heft while leaving plenty of room for beefy thighs! Smooth and comfortable, this high-end cock ring is a classic design. And we remembered comfort--this ring is tapered on the inside as well as the outside. This means it is comfortable for all day wear--and more importantly, you'll experience on-going pleasure when it's time to play! You'll quickly make new friends and have maximum fun all night long when you wear these amazing penis rings. Aptly named, any cock ring in the Imperial Series truly is fit for a king.

Available in the elegant brushed or eye-catching mirrored finish.

Bandwidth:  .62 inches (15.75 mm)

Weight:  Approximately 6.05 ounces (171.51 grams)
(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)
4.8 out of 5, based on 13 reviews
Eric from Alabama on Mar 05, 2017
I got the Imperial ring a little over a week ago and love the weight and feel with it on. I got the 17/8 and the fit is perfect. I definitely will be ordering more from here.
Robert Stephens from Tennessee on Dec 02, 2016
By far, the Imperial Cock Ring is the most comfortable I've ever worn. The weight and feel of it around my cock is incredible! My wife loves how hard and veiny my cock is when erect. I just ordered the Omega and can't wait to try it on.
Mike from Atlanta, GA on Oct 26, 2015
After years of wearing only rubber cock rings because of my fear of trying to wear a metal cock ring, I stumbled across Gear Essentials online and my interest was aroused. I found their Twitter feed and started talking with Jay about the proper way to measure and getting his advice on which size to get. Not unlike many guys, I'm sure, I was worried about the size difference between when I'm flaccid vs when I'm hard. I knew I wanted a ring with some weight to it and after reading the descriptions, I decided on the Imperial. At Jay's suggestion, I ordered the 2" mirrored finish. Long story short, I got it a few days ago and put it on as soon as I got home with it. I LOVE IT!! It fits well when I'm flaccid and isn't too tight when I'm hard. The weight is really good too. I have worn it almost continually since getting it, only taking it off when I'm in the shower. When I'm walking around at work, I can definitely feel the delicious weight of it with every step I take to give me the naughty reminder that I have it on. My only drawback, and this has nothing to do with the ring itself, is that because my balls are so high and tight normally, they sometimes slip out and I have to readjust. I'm thinking of ordering another one at 1 7/8" to address this. I have also put ball weights next on the list of items to buy to address this issue. Jay is being incredibly helpful with information and patiently answering my questions in that front as well. But my new Imperial I got is my current favorite item. I'm like a kid with a new toy at Xmas. I can't was to expand my horizons and experience ball stretching!
Response from GearEssentials
Oct 27, 2015
We have continued to talk. Mike is going to go with a smaller size to help avoid the ball slippage problem. We've also discussed wearing a Silicone or Nitrile ring along with it (put the Imperial on first, then the Silicone or Nitrile)--this acts as a bumper. He's already picked some up! Wearing a ball weight also works--the weight keeps your balls in place so they don't travel on ya! Glad you are enjoying it, Mike!
Huxbear MZL from Mongolia on Oct 13, 2015
Mostly I used to wear a big heavy Chrome donut cockring, weight is 8.6 ounces, Width is a full 3/4 inch, thick one. But I wanted to have new and thinner one just for my collection. Yeah, I have leather, rubber, stainless steel, plastic, stone rings.
After I bought Imperial Cock Ring and wear it first, I loved how it looks and feels. I'll tell you that Imperial Cock Ring is best of all. Most comfortable one from my collection.
I choose mirror ended cock ring, because I didn't want just a metal down there but something looks cool, shiny, can be body decorate and Imperial Series Mirror Cock Ring does.
I know all kind of cockrings, using many years and I would recommend this to everyone who wants real gear!
Peter from Essex, England on Jul 02, 2015
I ordered the Imperial Cock ring and it was delivered within a week. What great service! As soon as it arrived I put it on. It looks great is very comfortable and I didn't take it off for three or four days. My wife loves it as well and keeps asking me to show it to her which leads onto other things. Marvellous!! It makes my cock and balls look brilliant and I know I've mentioned it before but I don't think I've ever worn a cock ring that is more comfortable. I will be back to order another style soon.
A great service and a great product. Thanks very much
Peter from Essex, England on Jun 21, 2015
I have been looking for the right size cock ring for ages and at long last I've found it! I ordered the Imperial Cock ring 1 7/8 a week ago and when it arrived I wore it straight away and wow, the perfect fit. I have now had it on for 24 hours. It is so comfortable and gives me a great erection. I love the weight as it gives just enough tug to let me know that it's there. My wife loves it as well and every now and then she keeps asking to look at my newly decorated package which is great as this leads onto a little playing. A great cock ring along with great service. My Thanks to Gear Essentials and I will be back.
ZMan from USA on May 11, 2015
Just purchased this ring in the brushed steel style, and the weight is really nice, it feels very solid, and it's obviously very high quality. My only complaint is that I was looking for something with a completely smooth oval profile to it and this is not entirely smooth. The description says it is a "flattened donut" shape and that it is "smooth and comfy" this is not a completely accurate description. This ring has a beveled/chamfered edge on the outside of it. While it's not that big of a problem or discomfort, and I imagine most people won't even notice or feel it, I wish it were completely rounded/smooth.
Bill H from Astoria, NY on Aug 10, 2014
I purchased this and the Titan Cock Ring, both in 1 7/8" sizes. I'm lucky enough to be endowed with quite large balls, but a smaller cock, hence the size I purchased. I bought this ring as I wanted something thicker that would give me the feeling of a heavy cock ring, but still allow my balls to bounce around. With the Titan, my balls have freedom of movement to bounce around everywhere. But, with this Imperial, my balls can really only bounce up and down, which is a very different erotic feeling. Both are great, but the Imperial, I get a more heavy duty feeling, allowing me to go longer. Highly recommended.
K from OH on Mar 23, 2014
Few and far between is the product one might deems "essential" for such an act as natural as sex...but the Gear Essentials Imperial cockrings are just that.

I firmly believe that every man of significant length and/or width needs a high-quality cockring to keep them at their firmest.

Although I am a young man in my 20's, I am blessed (or cursed) with a bit too much girth, and these rings have enabled me to maintain my erection diamond-hard throughout every stage of sex.

I currently own several Imperials, both in the mirror and brushed finishes, from the 2 1/8 all the way down to the 1 3/4. I normally use one at a time, but I also occasionally use them for stacking. I rarely use the smallest size as it becomes incredibly tight around my particular girth. Men who have a substantial thickness needn't worry about these heavy boys falling off your cock, however I believe that men on the thinner side will do just fine with the small-diameter fit. The response time of gear essentials customer service is spot-on, so any sizing questions should be answered quickly. My current favorite diameters bounce between the 2" and 1 7/8" in both brushed and mirror.

The brushed rings are probably my go-to as I love the matte look; it contrasts nicely with the glisten of a fat cock burred deep inside a tight ass or stretched womanhood. Trust me. Even when slathered with lube, it still retains its subtle appearance with each stroke.

The mirror is flashy in every positive sense. I like to use it best on my private outdoor land or in a similar well-lit area where it can catch a bit of light. When you lock one of these mirrored jewels behind your nuts, your partner (or sub) can't help but worship it's ferocity. I'd recommend trying both in similar situations and seeing what you like.

I particularly enjoy the "heft" of the imperial series; I plan on purchasing a set of various Omegas at the earliest convenience and review them as well. In my opinion, if you have a girth of 6"+, then don't be afraid to go even heavier.

My previous purchases were put to good use over the past few months; I really wanted to take the time to break my rings in with vigorous "testing". Let's say there are a few orifices freshly outlined with an "Imperial" imprint; the rings hold up stunningly. I'm quite discerning when it comes to anything like this. The quality is superior in every way, and the feeling of "heft" on the shaft is divine. It certainly adds extra "oomph" in each thrust when you slam it home. Gear Essential's quality and heft of ring is admirable, and I am sure anyone similar to myself can appreciate my disdain for the average dime-store sex shop's paltry selection of "rings". I wouldn't dream of using such a product on myself, let alone in the act of dominance with my lovers. Truly, their Imperial "gear" has become my "essential".

Try it out and I'll bet you'll reflect my sentiments.

Response from GearEssentials
Mar 23, 2014
K: Wow. Thank you for this review. You've done a rare thing: Left us speechless!

We are so happy you are enjoying your rings! Here's to years and years of EXCELLENT SEX!
Michael J from Minneapolis on Jan 15, 2014
You never forget your first. I've had this for years, since back when Gear Essentials only had a few styles. The 2 1/8" fits perfectly and its weight is great. I've had a longtime love affair with this ring, though it's probably not for beginners. Two words of warning: 1) the weight might be too intense for your partner as it bangs her or him and 2) if your bits tend to stretch and hang low when warm, it's easy for the ring to slide down and possibly fall off. But I wouldn't let either dissuade your purchase.

BTW, I bought brushed over the mirror finish because I expected that body oil, etc. would be more noticeable on the mirror.
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