Gear Essentials™

Mavrik Glans Ring in Blue

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  • mens mavrik .3 inch width glans ring in blue by gear essentials top view
mens mavrik .3 inch width glans ring in blue by gear essentials mens mavrik .3 inch width glans ring in blue by gear essentials design view mens mavrik .3 inch width glans ring in blue by gear essentials top view

Gear Essentials™

Mavrik Glans Ring in Blue

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  • Show your colors with the NEWEST gear essentials glans ring! It's 1-3/16"

    Crafted from solid medical grade plastic, this .3 inch bandwidth ring is our thinnest medical grade glans ring.  This material is super safe next to your tender & sensitive skin--doctors use it in surgical procedures--& it also won't set off the TSA alarm bells!  These are great for expressing yourself at the gym or your favorite nude beach. Regardless of where you wear them, you will travel in style in your red or blue Mavrik head ring!

    These rings are designed firm to keep YOU firm!  Lightweight, gently smooth & curved on the outside with our exclusive corona fit on the inside to help prevent slippage.  You will find discover that this is a very comfortable glans ring.

    This is a limited run with limited sizes & quantities so get 'em while they're hot!

    Want a coordinated look? Wear the Mavrik glans with the Mavrik penis ring

    Interior Diameter Fraction Guide:

    • 3/16" = 3/16" (3.02 cm)

    Bandwidth:  3/8 inches / 7.62 mm

    Weight:  Approximately .5 ounces / 14 grams


    This is a limited run so get them while they last! We will also have a limited number of coordinating cock rings available too.

    (Want to see what it looks like on? Check out our blog for more! But remember--NSFW!)
4.6 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
Tony S from NJ on Apr 07, 2019
I bought most of the gland rings as well as the cock rings, I gotta say I love them all. My wife loves seeing me wear them. I wear the glans rings by themselves as well as with the cock rings combined. I love the feeling that you get when wearing them. My wife had one of her lady friends over the other day, so I walked out of my bedroom naked just wearing the gland and the cock ring. I wanted to see what she thought, she loved the look and was shocked I was wearing this kind of item. As she put it, its men's jewelry.
Manuel from Switzerland on Apr 22, 2018
I've bought the 1'' and the 1 1/8'' glans ring. The 1'' fits a little firmer especially when soft. It's super light-weight and I've started wearing the ring almost every day. As I'm uncircumcised, the ring keeps my foreskin pulled back during the day which is an awesome feeling. The constant rubbing of the now always exposed glans against the fabric of the underwear just feels amazing!
Steven H from Virginia on Jul 12, 2017
Perfect pairing with the cock ring. Lightweight so I can wear it through the day under clothes. It gives my cock head more definition
Steve from Present on Nov 13, 2016
These rings send the lady wild. The other rings are a bit harsh even with the beveled edges but the rounded surface of these creates a smooth, stimulating ridge.

Only one thing could improve on this ring in my opinion: polished stainless steel.

Do you guys have any plans to make them in steel?

Response from Gear Essentials
Jan 17, 2017
Steve: Thank you for your review. The Mavrik is very similar in shape (though it is narrower) to the Imperial. This is an excellent choice if you would like the Mavrik but in stainless steel. ENJOY!
Mic O'shea from South Caroliina on May 10, 2016
I love it. I got the 1" size, but just ordered the 1 1/8. I had been using a brass ring from the hardware store, but it fell off when I was flaccid. This little puppy stayed on all day.

When I took a leak at work, I looked down and saw the blue ring and was happy to see it there. Never fell off and I was pleased to see no irritation. It was easy enough to get off and no bruising of the cock head.