Master Series

Dark Invader Anal Plug

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  • Dark Invader Anal Plug
Dark Invader Anal Plug Dark Invader Anal Plug Dark Invader Anal Plug Dark Invader Anal Plug

Master Series

Dark Invader Anal Plug

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  • Feel the weight of this metal and silicone hybrid plug in your hole! This weighted plug is heavier than most plugs and its nickel free alloy is perfect for those with a sensitivity to nickel.

    The heavy metal plug is great for temperature play – heat it up or cool it down to add an extra dimension to your anal play session. The silicone base makes this comfortable enough for long term wear and adds a smooth sensation in between your cheeks. The silicone is phthalate free, non porous, and body safe.

    • Materials: Nickel free aluminum alloy, body safe silicone
    • Measurements: Overall length 4.5 inches, insertable length 3.5 inches, widest diameter 1.6 inches
    • Weight:  8 ounces
3.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Maxx from NJ on Apr 17, 2020
When I received the Dark Invader I was impressed with how it looked and felt in my hand. I couldn't wait to try it out, so i ran it under the warm water to gently heat it.

I then applied lube to the bulbous head and paved the way by sliding two well lubed fingers deep into my manhoie.

As i pressed the Dark Invader against my anal opening, my muscles surrendered until it filled me.

The sensation was incredible! I held the handle and slowly tugged back-and-forth and felt my prostate tingle.

Truly an explosive experience!
Maxxrep from NJ on Apr 11, 2020
I got the delivery text alert and hurried to the mail box. When I first saw the Dark Invader I was equally excited and nervous.

Although I have enjoyed anal play with prince plugs, anal ball captives and various sizes of dildos, the size and weight of the Dark Invader intrigued me. I ran it under the water to gently heat it.

Being a warm and sunny day I went out to the deck lounger wearing nothing but a towel and a smile. Laying down I removed the towel and inserted two lubed fingers into my ass to pave the way. I lubed my new toy and pressed it against my manhoie;, alternating the pressure. As I started to open up I noted my growing hard-on. When the invader slipped fully in up to the handle. I felt it's wonderful fullness.

When I stroked cock to orgasm, the sensation was incredible!!!
Bob from North America on Mar 27, 2020
Invade this fabulous plug did. Comfortable all day invasion in one of my FAVORITE places to be invaded! Just the right weight to tap that prostrate from time to time to remind me what being a MAN is all about. Pleasure!

Thank you Gear Essentials
B.C. Long Island from Long Island, NY on Mar 24, 2020
Couldn’t wait for the Dark Invader to arrive. When it did my HOT HOLE was lubed up and ready for it. It slipped in and it opened me up and felt sooooo good. My husband noticed what I was doing and immediately got rock hard and ready for action. He’s a guy who is 9x5 so I always had my “Dark Invader”. When he pulled out the Dark Invader he slipped right in, what an amazing sensation for me. I’m sure we will be using this for a long time. I’m now going to try and use the Dark Invader on him and see what an amazing O he’s going to have. Another great item purchased from Gear Essentials.