Master Series

Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with "O" Rings

$21.95 $19.99 -9%
  • Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with "O" Rings
Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with

Master Series

Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with "O" Rings

$21.95 $19.99 -9%


The Pyramid Nipple Amplifier Bulbs are an erotic way to have fuller, more erect nipples. This enlarger system has four graduated "O" rings to place over the nipples to keep them standing at attention. Simply slip the desired size ring over the open end of the pump prior to use, fit the glass pump over the nipple, and squeeze until you reach your perfect size. You can see your nipple lengthen through the glass amplifier. Then slide the stretchy rubber ring down over your engorged nipple, until it reaches the base. Two different sized pumps are included, for a custom fit on any size.

We love pumping the nips first to get them inflated. Then place the Pyramid Amplifier over your nips and slide the "O" ring over your nip. Then go back to pumping with a snake bite or nipple sucker. These rings really add definition to your pumped-up man nips. Get ready for over-the-top sensitivity.

The Nipple Amplifier Bulbs do not have a lot of suction. However, the rings are amazing for providing definition and additional sensitivity.

Measurements: Pumps are 2.63" / 66.8 mm long, Large Pump opening has 0.53" / 13.46 mm inner diameter, Small Pump opening has 0.35" / 8.89 mm inner diameter, O-Rings range from 0.33" / 8.38 mm to 0.54" / 13.72 mm inner diameter

Material: Rubber, glass

Color: Black

Note: Includes two pumps and 8 rings

3.3 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Jay from Palm Springs, CA on Apr 20, 2020
P -- thanks for your feedback. I'm not quite sure how you are using this but I think I understand where you are coming from. If you are expecting this to be a "solo" nip sucking toy, it will be disappointing. It doesn't give a huge pump all by itself.

What it does do is give amazing definition to your nips if you are into a lot of pumping. If you just use a nip pump without this your nips get really fat (which is super-sensitive and fun by itself). But if you want to retain more definition to the nub this is a must-have toy. As mentioned in the product description above, we love to use a nip sucker to get a nice pump on and then use the nipple amplifier bulb to get the "O" rings on. Then go back to your nipple suckers for a huge vacuum pump. The result is beautiful and super-sensitive!

I hope you go back and give this another try. This has really become one of my favorite toys and I use it several times a week. If you don't have nipple suckers you can try a penis pump (although it's not as effective). This will give you a taste of how this tool is most effective.

Thanks again! Jay
P from NY on Apr 08, 2020
speed of light service and shipping.. A plus!,,,
The item was a huge let down.. not what I was expecting at all. I had told a friend about about the item and we were looking forward to playing.. .. very disappointing.