Nipple Suckers


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Want to make your nipples more sensitive?

Try these 100% skin-safe silicone suckers.  They will make your nipples perk up and beg for more!  Just place them over your (or your partner’s) nipples during foreplay and watch as they grow firm, engorged and super-sensitive.  Arousal is sure to follow as the sensitivity of your nipples skyrockets!  Flick them gently (or roughly) for even more sexy sensation.

These nipple suckers have incredible suction (but work best on smooth/shaved skin) and are easy to remove.  They will stay in place so you can use your hands for better things!  Dab on a bit of lip balm, lube or spit (no, we are not kidding!) for an even more secure seal.

Expand your sexual repertoire and get your high beams turned ON!  Reach even greater heights of pleasure by alternating with nipple clamps.

Easy to clean in warm soapy water to keep them showroom shiny!  (Waterproof for use in the water as well.)

The interior diameter is roughly 5/8" or 17 mm.  From the good folks at M2M.


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