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Omega Cock Ring



Our owner's favorite for body heat & made for the Alpha male, the Omega Series is the final word in cock rings. Massive (gear essentials’ heaviest), yet surprisingly comfortable elements come together in the Omega Series. These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless steel cock rings are works of art. Shaped like perfectly smooth donuts, these rounded rings are the pinnacle of comfort and are available in brushed satin or mirrored finish.

Now Available in the new smaller 1 5/8" (41 mm) size. Many customers asked for this and now we have it! Because of the rounded shape, the Omega rings have minimal contact with your penis. This, combined with the weight, means that they often start a gentle slide down your shaft when you are flaccid. (Oh, the power of gravitational pull!) Therefore we recommend that you wear one size smaller than normal for optimum fit. You and your partner will SO enjoy this metal cock ring!

These rings are designed for the man who craves the ultimate experience.  And will get it.

Bandwidth:  .6 inches (15.24 mm)

Weight:  Approximately 11.02 ounces (312.41 grams)

(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)

4.9 out of 5, based on 50 reviews
Andy from Michigan on Sep 10, 2018
I absolutely love my brushed 1.75" Omega! The heft and mass feels amazing on my cock or i switch it up and stack it on top of my 32oz piston ball weight :) I plan to buy another for more weight!
Charles from California on Sep 07, 2018
This was my first cockring so I did not know what to expect. After receiving I immediately lathered myself up and slipped it on. Wow, I got an immediate primal urge. There's just something about a heavy piece of steel pulling down on your junk that deeply stirs you. I wore it out for the first time that night to the grocery store with my wife. We were standing in line and she leaned up and whispered in my ear how good my package looked in jeans with it on. Then proceeded to give me a wink that soon led to me putting her on our kitchen counter after we got home, and filling her up with my seed. How can such a simple little piece of steel do this to a man? Praise Gear Essentials.
Lucas from Northern NY on Aug 31, 2018
I bought the Omega back in 06/16 and it is the best cock ring. I have worn the Omega during the day for over two years, on occasion I wear it all night too. Always comfortable
I have alotta of cock rings, I still use them for playing.
The Omega is the top of the line until Gear Essentials gets their act together and makes a "Heavier Ring".
Fritz from Sweden on Jun 26, 2018
I received my first Omega brushed 2" ring which is one size smaller than my usuall 2 1/8". The Omega is a Rolls Roys between all cock rings, I know what I am talking about - after having tested som 10 different rings I find Omega is the best. Though heavy weight is very comfortable to wear due to there is no sharp edges and contact with penis is minmal. One feels its weigt. Together with glans ring it is like to have an oral sex 24/7. I love it. It is pity that en engraved model in no longer available.
Jim from Dallas, tx on Apr 13, 2018
I love this cock ring! I've gotten a couple of compliments on how it looks. it feels great - I love the weight. And it hold everything just right!
JC from San Francisco on Mar 23, 2018
At first I was skeptical, but as I read the reviews I decided to order one size smaller. I’m so glad I did, fits like a charm and won’t slide off. First day wearing it so I have to still find out how it feels when hard and after sex.
I live to wear my cockring everyday. I upgraded from one I bought on amazon to this one. That one was a 1 3/4 or 1.75.
This omega one is 1 5’8
Tracy from South Carolina on Feb 11, 2018
What a product! Flawless finish and a very high quality cock ring. I chose the brushed finish and now I have a good collection from gear essentials. I have more items that I will be ordering soon! For ME, I found that the Omega cock ring has a nice weight to it and I paired it with the .4 Titan Glans ring. This combination is very comfortable to wear all day! I LOVE the weight of this ring and feel very confident making this a "no brainer" to have in every guys collection!
James from New York on Dec 24, 2017
The Omega is quite a beast. Heavy as balls, which is also quite the treat for my balls. Masturbation in this is phenomenal due to the sheer heft, and the mirror finish makes my entire package very pleasing to behold. Don't be intimidated by this one... you won't regret it!

Thank you Gear Essentials for another amazing ring to add to my collection!
charles from indiana on Oct 29, 2017
Full 5 stars! One teeny tiny drawback. The wife insists I wear it every time now. We both orgasm like never before!
Larry from Maine on Oct 09, 2017
I received my Omega cock ring a few days ago, I was amazed at the heft of this ring. It is not my first stainless steel cock ring from GearEssentials and sure won't be my last! As soon as I put it on I became aroused and thought I am leaving this on .....I typically don't wear underwear and after I put on my blue jeans I was really turned on by the tug, but was more impressed by the swinging back and forth with each step and the rubbing of my cock head-on my jeans AWESOME cock ring will need to try wearing my .90 titan glans ring with my Omega cock ring.
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