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Omega Split Ring Omega Split Ring Omega Split Ring Omega Split Ring Omega Split Ring Omega Split Ring

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The Omega Split Ring is a 'convertible' ring--it can act either as a ball weight when stacked on top of a standard ball stretcher (due to the ball stretcher’s narrower interior diameters--unless you have extremely wide balls) or as a cock ring.  It is based on the hugely-popular Omega cock ring.  The shape is amazingly comfortable—fully rounded like a donut so there are no sharp edges.  This means it is easy to slide your penis through the ring if you want to switch from wearing it as a stacked ball weight and instead use it as a cock ring.

Afraid of getting stuck in your metal cock ring?  Not a problem with the Omega Split Ring.  You have insurance—an Allen Wrench!  Just unscrew and you are out.  No fear.  No pain.

Crafted from solid brushed stainless steel, this work of art is built to last.  It is constructed in two halves secured by a single Allen screw.  (Allen wrench included with purchase.)


Bandwidth:  .6 inches (15.24 mm)

Weight:  Approximately 9.2 ounces (259 grams)


(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)


Note: the 'nub' shown on picture 3 is added in manufacturing to secure the side opposite the screw. This piece is NOT made of stainless. Therefore, when exposed to water (shower, swimming, etc.) it will likely show signs of rust. If you do expose it to water, you may want to take it off & dry it. If you enjoy wearing it to the beach just periodically take steel wool to the nub & clean it off. (If you don't, no one will see it but you since it is hidden inside the seam. Under normal use it will take years for this piece to erode away.)

It's also good to remember that when swimming in a pool or hot tub (particularly a public or commercial pool which use harsh & strident chemicals), you will want to thoroughly rinse off any of your gear to remove these chemicals (which can cause damage). 



4.9 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Rob from Massachusetts on Apr 07, 2017
Awesome! Can wear Omega Split ring 24/7without any issue.
jace from USA on Mar 31, 2017
A work of art, beautify machined. Decent weight, but REALLY would like something just over 16oz. The hole where the Allen screw goes in has incredibly sharp edges. This edge can press into your tight.

Overall great....five star if it was heavier, and that edge smoothed out.
Response from GearEssentials
Apr 07, 2017
Jace: Thanks for your review. I will pass your comments on to production to make sure they are smoothing that down. For more weight, a lot of guys stack them up. Glad you are enjoying!
Craig from South Carolina on Aug 08, 2016
Just bought 2 more omega split. Love love them. Great for added weight. Great comfort. Your the best.
Buckeye from midwest on Jul 08, 2015
I own both the 1 3/4 n 1 7/8 rings. Due to the fact that most 1.5" ball weights is a real challenge for me to get on and wear these work with absolutely no problem. They can be worn all day or short periods. The longest I've worn these is a week. The thickness and weight of these rings are just amazing especially when wearing more than one. Often I wear a the 1 7/8 around my balls then I put the smaller one below that one and then I put on a smaller silicone below that and go to work with just my balls hanging and banging on my thighs! LOVE that FEELING!!!!
Michael from Tucson, AZ on Mar 08, 2015
I received my Omega Split 1 7/8 today (with some other tantalizing goodies from your store).
I immediately put it on and wore it all day at work. Let me just say --- I LOVE THIS COCK RING!!!
It's really comfortable - I hardly know I have it on ..... until I get up and walk around.
This is a heavier cock ring and I love how it pulls on "Junior & the Boys", making them swing around in my scrubs (Yes, I work in the medical field) while I walk. It sorta feels like some hot, hairy man has his hand in my pants, getting a good grope for himself. Hey - a guy's gotta fantasize - right! Again - I LOVE THIS COCK RING!!!
I can hardly wait to get home to get into the other toys. It might have been a little inappropriate to stick a prostate toy in my back door while at work. Between the cock ring, the prostate toy & the Swiss Navy masturbation cream, I'm gonna have a good old time tonight.
Charles Jolley from United States on Dec 23, 2014
A little tricky to get on, but once in! Look out is all I can say. Amazing feel, love the weight and it certainly is effective. The very best from Gear Essentials so far.
Response from GearEssentials
Dec 28, 2014
Thanks for the review (and for being our customer.) The Omega Split Ring is quickly becoming a favorite. As for getting it on (before you 'get it on' that is!) it will get much much easier with practice. Just go slowly so you don't pinch! ; ) Thanks again!
Mark from Minneapolis, MN on Aug 06, 2014
Love having a local company make great and unique products. My husband and I have a few of your cock rings and weights. I love this cockring/ball weight combo! We also have the regular omega cockring (one brushed and one mirror) and they are awesome! The weight feels great and fits well too! Thank you again!
harrison from okla. on Jul 21, 2014
Hey Jay really in joking the split ring .I've set on the 16 oz. I've got and works great.used as a cock ring .I was solid and vieny. So much I felt it scraping along my woman's vag. was so engorged she couldn't fit her mouth around it. I've ordered the next size down for more fun . I'm waiting on the 24oz. Piston to come back in stock. The ring is easy to get on and off. Get one there very versatile.