Prostimulator vx1 P-Spot Massager


Sold out.

This is a new twist on a classic by Blush!

Designed to stimulate the prostate for enhanced male orgasms, the Prostimulator vx1 is inserted into the anus. Gently shaped and curved for ease of insertion and HUGE pleasure.  Find your P-Spot and start gently rubbing.  Once inserted, it is hands free--held in place by the sphincter muscles surrounding the anus (leaving your hands free for other activities!)  The Prostimulator vx1 works in harmony with your body's natural movements to elevate you to new levels of pleasure.

This P-Spot massager stimulates both the prostate the perineum in a rhythmic motion that builds up to unprecedented male orgasms. It's easy to use and fulfilling for both the beginner and expert. Use with lubricant for greater ease of insertion and movement.


How to use: Slide the Prostimulator vx1 inside the anus and relax to allow the shape of the massager to conform to the inside of your body. The internal portion targets the sensitive prostate (aka the male ‘g-spot’) while the external arms simultaneously stimulate the perineum. Tighten your sphincter muscles to allow the internal portion to press against your prostate. Prepare for waves of intense pleasure to wash over you. Relax your sphincter, and then tighten again to manipulate the outer arms to rub your perineum. This will quickly become the favorite tool in your arsenal!

  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Easy to use (solo or with a partner)
  • Insertable length: 4”
  • Ideal for prostate health
  • Ribbed handle for easy manual manipulation
  • Phtlatate free
  • Hypoallergenic & waterproof


Health note:  The Prostimulator vx1 also may promote prostate health. It's known to relieve built-up pressure inside the prostate and provides relief to men suffering from prostate disorders such as prostatitis and benign prostate hypertrophy.

5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Michael from Tucson, AZ on Mar 01, 2015
At 60+ I've finally discovered my prostate. This toy has become a favorite. It works like a charm for me and gives me mind-blowing, whole-body orgasms. What a find. Sorry it took me so long.
david from sydney on Sep 08, 2014
"I just love this little tickler. It gives fantastic sensations when fucking and just wearing it around is thrilling especially when sitting down. With some lube it slips in really easily and the initial sensation is wonderful - gives you a real jolt!"
Harry from New Jersey on Dec 11, 2013
This little guy gives loads of pure pleasure for such a small investment compared to the higher priced Aneros brand. The subtle texture of its surface adds further stimulation along with the improved size of the knob that kisses the perineum as the full thrust of its head dances against the prostate. What an exquisitely delightful ride this little baby gives for its size. Gets me hot and hard just writing about it. It can become quite addictive. Makes for a great stocking stuffer for the holidays and beyond.........
jeff from dayton ohio on Nov 20, 2013
I thought what a little fella when i opened the package....WOWSER was i wrong...perfect size to enjoy without any stress on a tite hole...after a few minutes of adjustment...ROCK ON......worth effort for sure!
Dean Venture from Austin, Texas on Nov 10, 2013
Once you get the rhythm down (it's easy) this little tool is a big hit. It travels really easily and cleans up faster than most toys. Find some time to kick back and explore your boy spot with this handy massager.
MK from North Country on Nov 04, 2013
I recently had read a book about the pleasures of the prostrate gland. This P-Spot Massager was mentioned in the book. I have long fingers, but as the book mentioned it can be tiresome and cumbersome. The P-Spot massager worked wonderfully and did the "trick". No tired fingers and my prostrate was quite engorged.