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Plunge Cock Ring

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Plunge Cock Ring Plunge Cock Ring Plunge Cockring by Gear Essentials™ Plunge Cock Ring Plunge Cock Ring

Gear Essentials™

Plunge Cock Ring



Take the Plunge with our new .6 inch Plunge metal cock ring. The satin sheen of the finish reflects off the evenly spaced divots. This ring has a sexy Robo Cock design and once securely wrapped around your tool, you will want to take the plunge. Over and over…

Made in the USA of quality, light-weight aluminum for great all-day/play-all-night comfort. Like all of the aluminum cock rings in the Robo Collection, this selection is designed with an exaggerated interior comfort fit. You might just forget you have one of these cock rings on!

Need something wider? Check out the Total Plunge penis ring, .9 inches / 22.86 mm wide, this baby will keep you front, forward and prominently displayed.  

Bandwidth:  .6 inches (15.24 mm)

Weight:  Approximately 1.65 ounces (46.78 grams)


NOTE:  We apologize but we are out of the 2 1/8" size.

(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)
4.7 out of 5, based on 15 reviews
Palmer from Toronto on Jan 14, 2019
This one is gorgeous! A bit tricky getting it on and off, but well worth the effort!
Ron from Bay Area on Jul 18, 2018
Love it! Very light weight and feels great. I enjoy wearing a nice cock ring 24/7 and this one feels great with the lighter weight while keeping things feeling great. This is probably my 6th ring I’ve bought from Gear Essentials and as always the service was great....they are clearly #1!
Josh from Vancouver Canada on May 12, 2018
Took the Plunge and picked this guy up for all day wear. Simply love it. Light weight and comfortable. Love the look when I catch myself in the mirror with it on as it is not just a plain jane. Boyfriend finds it sexy too. Thanks guys. Keep It up.
rick schulte from forest hill, maryland on Sep 17, 2015
after having some ordering difficulty, jay stepped up to help me out. my wife loves the appearance, and I love the light weight. the 2" is a snug, but, a perfect fit. I can wear it 24/7 with great comfort. the quality and appearance are fantastic. thanks jay, and all the guys at gear essentials!
Jey from NC, US on Aug 09, 2015
LOVE IT!! I feel super sexy wearing it. The only issue is that I underestimated how big I am. So I'm purchasing the same ring, in a larger size.. A long with a couple of other things
anonymous from San Jose, CA on Jul 23, 2015
Haven't taken it off since I received it. Really does make me Horny every time I see it On
Sean McDougle from Fort Worth on May 11, 2015
The plunge is beautiful, lightweight, with an almost industrial look. I love the divots evenly spaced around the ring. The brushed finish is also really nice, and the smooth internal curvature making it really comfortable to wear. I have an old ring that is shiney and curved, but the finish has worn off over the years. I like the idea of the solid aluminum ring. The finish will never tarnish or chip. When I got the ring, I put it right on. I have hardly taken it off, wearing it all day everyday except while I sleep. Buy this ring!
Sean McDougle from Haltom City on May 06, 2015
I received my Plunge today. I rushed from the mailbox to put it right on. It is really beautiful, lightweight and just DAMN sexy looking. I may never take it off. I have pictures to share, I'd love to be on the blog.
Response from Gear Essentials
May 26, 2015
And so you will be Sean! Keep an eye out--your pics will be posted this week! Thanks so much!
Matt from Florida on May 04, 2015
I enjoy this cock ring because I can wear it all day comfortably. It makes my bulge look great and it attracts some very wanted attention. Luving my new purchase.
Jon from Phila., PA on Jan 15, 2015
GearEssentials - I dig your style.
I have been using rings for about 20 years, and have collected quite a variety. I have so far LOVED all three GearEssentials C-Rings that I have gotten: a Quarter-Screw, Half-Screw, and also a Plunge.
The aluminum rings, being very light, are really nice for daily/continuous wear, even in summertime. Since they don't discolor and crafted decoratively, they're also very pretty: I like the view (down, as well as in the mirror), and I have gotten wonderful compliments from others, too.
The Plunge is, so far, my favorite of -all- rings for its feel -- the .6" width is _perfect_ (I'll be getting the Surge next).
My only question is: why not a middle-width 'Screw'-series ring ("Third-Screw", if you will)?
Response from Gear Essentials
Jan 20, 2015
Hey, Jon--thanks for your review. A Third Screw, eh--are you thinking something between the Half Screw (.6 inches) & the Full Screw (.9 inches)? We'll sure consider it. I agree, the aluminum rings are cool and amazingly comfortable--hot or cold. I sometimes forget I even have it on. Thanks for digging us & letting us know! ENJOY!
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