Quarter Screw Cock Ring

Gear Essentials™

One good turn deserves another. At .3 inches this metal cock ring is perfect when you need something extra on your side–and in your pants. gear essentials’ lightest ring, the Quarter Screw, is supremely comfortable due to the ROBO Cock comfort fit interior. These solid aluminum cock rings are made using quality metal from the USA. Enjoy a gentle reminder that you have a reason to be cocky when you sport one of these high-end cock rings.

Want to really make things pop? Combine the Quarter Screw cockring with the Quarter Screw glans ring! (See the picture.)


Bandwidth:  .3 inches (7.62 mm)

Weight:  Approximately .85 ounces (24.10 grams)

NEW--Just added:  the Quarter Screw now comes in a 2 1/8" / 54 mm!

(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)

5 out of 5, based on 15 reviews
Kurt from Wisconsin on Jan 29, 2017
Just received this one a few days ago WOW comfortable city and it looks awesome I wear it 24/7 thanks for the quality piece!
Leo from TX on Nov 27, 2015
I own several gear essential rings including a couple of glans rings and this is the most comfortable for myself. It works very well and the quality is always top notch as expected from gear essentials. I found that I perform better with a smaller diameter ring like this and at .3in this seems to be the sweet spot for myself. Thanks again!!
Response from GearEssentials
Dec 03, 2015
Thanks for the feedback, Leo! This underscores the reality that we are all unique & different weights, bandwidths, etc. impact our individual performance. The Quarter Screw is amazingly comfortable. LOVE that you are performing better! ENJOY!
Robert from Jax, FL on Oct 07, 2015
This is the most comfortable ring I've ever worn! I put it on every morning when I shower.
SC from New York on Sep 22, 2015
Sexy design, lighter weight, feels great.... I could not put it on fast enough... haven't taken it off since it arrived.
Drew Kansas from Kansas on Sep 20, 2015
Great first metal cockring. Love how it feels when I wear it all day long.
I get incredibly hard and engorged when it's time for action and my package looks great all day.
Stan from CA on Aug 28, 2015
Thank you, thank you for that extra 1/8" in offering the 2 1/8" size ring. It's a perfect fit! Light and comfortable yet you always know it's there.
Jason from New Mexico on Aug 17, 2015
While I enjoy having a variety and changing my rings out per my mood, this has become one of my most-worn and very favorite rings. It's lightweight makes it easy to wear for any and all occassions, whether it be going to work, working out, sex, sleeping, etc. I got the most narrow version, which is nice for a change compared to many of the thicker rings because it doesn't push my testicles too far forward. The inner part is nicely rounded for comfort. If you are only buying a handful of rings, this is an absolute must. I will order more in different girths next order. Awesome product!
Rick from Jefferson City, MO on Aug 03, 2015
What a nice cock ring. I already own the half screw. This Quarter Screw is an awesome fit and feels great not to mention it looks really good on. Has been very comfortable to wear all day. Hightly recommend this cock ring.
Drew from Kansas on Jul 27, 2015
I just love the fit and feel of my new ring. Its my first metal one and im sad i waited this long. Ive wanted to keep it on all the time! My wife made comments about how i was bigger and thicker so Im sold! Thanks!
gus from Illinois on Jul 20, 2015
The best metal ring I've ever had. So light weight it doesn't weigh me down while I do my business. And I have trouble staying hard so thi is helps a lot.
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