Ringer Cockring 3-Pack

  • Ringer Cockring 3-Pack
Ringer Cockring 3-Pack Ringer Cockring 3-Pack Ringer Cockring 3-Pack


Ringer Cockring 3-Pack



The Ringer 3-Pack by Oxballs is a thick jelly ring that bloats your meat & pushes your junk up & out for a heftier package. Each ring is tight enough for the perfect amount of squeeze on your goods but sill comfortable enough for prolonged jerk-off sessions or hot & heavy banging!

There rings are seriously durable, made from Oxballs' signature FLEX-TPR and stretches up to 5 times its original size (but quickly snaps back to its original shape & dimensions). These are thicker, stronger & more resilient than your average jelly rings.

Like all cockrings, the Ringer rings make your junque look bigger! It keeps your meat rock hard & pushes your cum-heavy balls forward for a mouth-watering plumped up rod.

These are also great for stretching your ball sac--just stack them on your ballbag & enjoy the tugging sensations on your sweaty nuts.

Each pack includes three black rings.

Save with water-based lubes.


  • Thickness:  .5 inches/ 1.27 cm
  • Outside Circumference:  5 inches / 12.7 cm
  • Inside Circumference:  1" / 2.54 cm (but remember these comfortable stretch to fit you!)

Made in China

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