Small Mouth Hood


More secure than a blindfold, the Small Mouth Hood can bring intensified sensations of pleasure when worn while being touched.  Studies show that when blindfolded, our other senses become more acute. 

Hot hoods in black / red or grey / black with contrasting piping.  Enjoy the fantasy--whether superhero, wrestler, slave or daddy! Easy to put on (and slip off!)  The stretch material (80% Nylon; 20% Spandex made in the USA) allows for easy access and breathing. Features a great form fit. 

(Do we need to remind you NOT to operate heavy equipment when wearing the Small Mouth Hood?) 

5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
CACG from Los Angeles on Apr 13, 2015
Had the best sex with this hood on. All your other senses get magnified and the hole in the mouth is of the perfect size to only let a tongue or a cock go in.