Gear Essentials™

Strut Cock Ring

$36.95 $22.77 -38%
  • Strut Cock Ring
Strut Cock Ring Strut Cock Ring Strut Cockring by Gear Essentials™ Strut Cock Ring Strut Cock Ring Strut Cock Ring

Gear Essentials™

Strut Cock Ring

$36.95 $22.77 -38%


Meet Torque's little brother.

There's nothing little about this high design, solid stainless steel cock ring. This amazingly comfortable, yet architectural slim profile makes heads turn.

Enjoy perfection for an afternoon going commando or an evening of sophisticated sensual pleasure with one of these steel cock rings.Go undercover in stealth fashion sporting a Strut metal cock ring.

Bandwidth:  .4 inches (10.16 mm)

Weight:  Approximately 2.7 ounces (76.54 grams)


NOTE: We are discontinuing this style. Therefore quantities ARE limited.

(Want to see what it looks like on?  Check out our blog for more!  But remember--NSFW!)
4.6 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Jose from Chicago on Apr 04, 2017
Pc is nice but is a little challenge to get it on I just get it yesterday and I could get it on but is nice finish ! Good service good delivery ! Any abvice how to get it on easy thanks.
Response from GearEssentials
Apr 07, 2017
Hey, Jose: Thanks for your comments. The easiest way to get a rigid cock ring on is in the shower. Let everything get good and hot so your balls drop. Take your lowest hanging ball (one is always lower than the other) and push/pull it through the cockring. Then push/pull the second ball through. When you have gotten your balls through, soap up the head of your dick a bit and point it through the ring. (Hopefully you aren't getting chubbed--if so, that will only make this 'harder!') GOOD LUCK & ENJOY!
Mike from So Cal on Mar 10, 2017
This is my second Strut cock Ring and I love the look of this ring presents. It has the attention factor that I like in the size that I love. As a machinist, I appreciate the quality, design and attention to detail. Works great, but not too heavy for daily wear. Like all Gear Essentials products it is fantastic.If you need help, customer service is the best.
SC from New York on Sep 22, 2015
Extremely pleased by this purchase. I can't take the darn thing off I like it so much. I get that extra tingle when the outer edge touches my leg, nice reminder of what's there. I may buy a few more just to give as gifts.
Thanks you guys... I love your company. Super fast delivery and great packaging.. you guys are Pros!
David from On the Border on May 10, 2015
In the world of body jewelry, this STRUT COCK RING is the most bad-ass look I've seen. Next to strapping a spiked dog collar around your junk, there's nothing that says "I'm on the prowl" like the STRUT. Looks awesome stacked with a couple of TITANS .2. Try it out..., and let the hunter in you get turned loose. Grrrrr!
Rick from Jefferson City MO on Feb 18, 2015
An awesome look and feel. Very comfortable with a great weight and thickness. Love it
LJ from Belgium on Jun 23, 2014
Superb product that lives up to all its expectations. Customer service was also extremely good. If you're looking for a quality product and some of the best customer service on the web then look no further than Gearessentials!
The Strut is comfortable to wear and makes you nice and hard, what is to be expected from a quality cockring. I highly reccomend this cockring to any beginner.
Randy from CA on Nov 09, 2013
Great ring! This is my second one. I wanted another one just like it, I tend to lose or misplace them. Everyone likes the interesting look of this one, I get lots of compliments. Good fit!
Response from GearEssentials
Nov 09, 2013
Thanks for the review, Randy! I love this ring because it is a bit smaller (it's a nice change) and so unique. Glad you are enjoying it!
David Currie from Sacramento CA on Jul 03, 2013
I like this cock ring but I think I would have preferred the model with a smooth outer surface better. The fit is good, I found the right size for me (somewhat of a challenge to put on and take off) and it does the job fine. BTW delivery time was great. Good service.