Swiss Navy Anal Lube

M. D. Science Lab

Are you new to the joys of anal pleasure? Ease things along with Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant.

Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant provides the ultimate sexual satisfaction & enhances the pleasure of intercourse. This unscented silky-smooth silicone anal lube, with clove, eliminates discomfort, & is a must have for an exhilarating experience. When you want to have hot, unforgettable fun, don't forget to get the best anal sex lubricant around.
  • Highest grade Silicone Anal Lube
  • Paraben-free & Latex-free
  • Relaxing lubricant with clove (clove is a mild numbing agent that aids in comfortable anal play)
  • Desensitizes & moisturizes
  • Long-lasting/non-absorbable

Isn’t it time you get in touch with anal play? Sex is better here!



5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
John from Scottsdale on Mar 27, 2015
I wanted to try this because after a week apart due to business trips, my partner has difficulty being penetrated. Hey, I love it that he is tight but I wanted to make our reunions better for him and this worked very well. It relaxes enough but not to the point where he's wondering what's going on back there. It was just right and gave us a good long right to where we needed to go.
Wayne from Pasadena, CA on Jan 19, 2015
Grooving on the new anal lube. It did NOT need to be reapplied every 3 minutes, didn’t get sticky or tacky and doesn’t taste bad. I’m keeping it right on the nightstand so its within ez reach.