Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls

$49.95 $39.95 -20%
  • Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls
Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls

Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls

$49.95 $39.95 -20%



Pop nearly 2 pounds of silicone-wrapped steel into your ass!

Take the feeling of fullness to the next level, with anal balls that are weighted to give you the heavy feeling you crave! Lube up and push the first girthy sphere into your hole, savoring that delicious stretch. When you've stuffed the first ball in, see if you can take the second one! Shove it in and enjoy the feeling of the first ball being driven deeper into you, stretching open your canal. Their enormous weight will make your ass feel even fuller! Walk around with these enormous anal balls pressing down on your anus, or if you can't help yourself, stroke your cock until you're cumming hard with these balls stuffed inside you. The silicone retrieval cord makes extraction easy when you're done.

Each Tom of Finland Pleasure Tool also includes its own exclusive, collectible card with artwork by Tom of Finland. A portion of proceeds benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation, dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting erotic art.

Silicone tools can be used with water-based or oil-based lubes. Just don't use them with silicone lube. It can take scrubbing with hot water and strong detergents without breaking down. It's built to last.

Tom of Finland Weighted Anal Balls Specifications:

  • Materials:  Premium silicone exterior. Interior consists of carbon steel balls.
  • Measurements: 9.5 inches / 24.13 cm in overall length, 5.5 inches / 13.97 cm insertable length, 2.25 inches / 5.72 cm at widest point
  • Easy retrieval cord


3.3 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Size Queen from BC on Aug 15, 2017
WOW WOW WOW!! All I can say. This thing is wonderful. Once I received the package I was "throbbing" with anticipation. After some warm up, I got this thing and lubed up. Apprehensive if insertion was even possible, but with a little push it popped in. First ball- wow. Eyes rolled to back of the head. Got the second in and OMG!! Talking about being full. The weight of the balls are fantastic. Will be enjoying this more often then not. Cannot wait until I am confident to wear out.
Sonny from AL on Aug 08, 2017
Experienced bottom here that knows how to handle the size. That said I am tight and it takes a lot of force to pull them out if they have been in there a while and the sphincter has returned to the natural state..IE the fun part! Deep in a play session last night the rubber string snapped exposing the underlying nylon rope, that precariously was connected to the ball. . I had a very nervous session trying to remove these without the string snapping and a trip to the ER to retrieve things! Experienced with Silicone products, only use Jlube and Elbow Grease.... so this is not a silicone to silicone issue....
Use plenty of lube--just not silicone-based
William from LA on Aug 03, 2017
These are not for beginners as they are 7.5 inches in circumference and heavy. But they are also very well made, feel great to the touch and I would recommend for those that are experienced