Master Series

Vibrating Sound (Medium)

  • Vibrating Sound (Medium)

Master Series

Vibrating Sound (Medium)



We’ve been fans of sounding for a long time. There is something about having a cold, hard cylinder of metal sliding down your urethra (piss slit) & teasing all those sensitive nerve-endings that causes an instant boner!

This is a step up—this vibrating urethral sound has amazing potential. It is just devious enough to keep your naughty mate wanting more—and more!  You can jack with it in your rod or use it as a pinpoint vibrator. The opportunities for sexual pleasure are limitless!

Tips:  Clean thoroughly before use (I use alcohol). Use a lubricant to avoid unwanted friction in your tender parts. Saline solution works well. Do not use on skin that is bruised, swollen or inflamed.

Let the fun begin!


  • Circumference, Tip:  1” /  2.54 cm
  • Circumference, Shaft:  .75” / 1.905 cm
  • Total length:  7.5” / 19.05 cm
  • Insertible length:  4.25” / 18.415 cm

Requires one AAA battery, NOT included.

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