X-treme Hybrid Harness


CellBlock 13's X-treme Hybrid Harness coordinates and interfaces with the X-treme Hybrid Jockstrap. The Jock has a sexy built-in silicone 'armor' cock ring that keeps you pumped and proud. This harness also has that C-Ring, although it can be removed and instead the clips can be used to attach the harness to X-treme underwear for a full gear look and the C-Ring on the other underwear can be used instead. This gives you two great options for wearing this sexy-hot harness – on its own as ‘penis ring’ harness or clipped to the CellBlock 13 X-treme Hybrid Jockstrap. (See the pictures to the left.)

Each harness has a nylon back panel that is smooth to touch and stretches to fit. It fastens over the shoulders and onto metallic rings at the chest. The harness then has two neoprene rubber straps that attach at one end to the metallic rings and the other end to the jock armor cock ring (or clips if using these instead of the jock armor). The harness has colored trims so you can show off your kink. 

  • 56% nylon, 30% neoprene, 14% spandex
  • Designed and made in USA
  • Machine wash cold
  • Designed in the USA; made in China
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